Bug Fixes and Feature Additions!

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Merry Early-Christmas WWII Online! We're so excited to share with you a lot of hard work coming together to make up this holiday release. New vehicles, the new Builder Commando class, the USAAF becoming part of the regular campaign, and lots of updates/bug fixes. I'd like to thank all of our staff at Cornered Rat Software for their hard work here and for you the players giving us an extra bit of time compared to normal to deliver a monster patch. And for those who have been asking so much about SNOW, I'd like to let you know that our team has repaired and improved snow and it'll be available effective this release.

Welcome Back Soldier starts this coming Tuesday, be sure to get everyone ready - in fact, they can login now with Free Play access and on the 22nd we'll then give them all the toys. That being said, let's dig into the details of this update and kick-off this Christmas / New Year with a bang!

View the Readme here: Readme 1.36