AI Defense

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Each CP has several AI defense units around it, which serve as a light deterrent to surprise attacks.


There are four types of AI:

  • Anti-Aircraft
  • Anti-Tank
  • Anti-Personnel (machine gunners)
  • Anti-Ship

The type of weapon used by the AI is determined by the country that owns the [Facility|facility]] the AI is connected to. For instance, when the facility is controlled by Germany, the machine gunners will have the MG34.

Generally, AI defenders will be found covering the main avenues of approach to any CP and will also cover surround the CP, though there are gaps in the coverage.

Certain types of towns will have larger numbers, and higher qualities, of AI defenses. A small town may only posses a single AAA AI machine gun in the Army Base, whereas a town with an airfield and docks will often be ringed with heavy flak defenses.

You can take down AI with a couple of grenades or a HE satchel charge. Also a bombe can take it out and if you are in a fighter you can use your MGs to take it out but its quite hard. being worked on