Anti-Tank Soldier

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Overview & Game Play

From the introduction of the tank in WWI, it was evident that infantry had little recourse if attacked by tanks. Certainly, there were antitank guns (if they happened to be present when the tanks showed up) but in terms of squad-inherent antitank capability, there was little available. One course of development led to the Anti-Tank Rifle. Essentially nothing more than a really powerful rifle firing hardened armor-piercing slugs, they were extremely heavy, hard to use, and only marginally effective against even the early, lightly armoured tanks. However, as the war progressed and armour became thicker and Anti-tank rifles became obsolete. A new solution had to be found. Step forward hand held ant-tank weapons. Most of these weapons where rockets but the British adopted a difference system but the effect was the same. Fire a High-explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) projectile at the target, the HEAT being a shaped charge that hopefully penetrated the target.

Using an anti-tank Solider in Battleground Europe is about patience and research: all light tank are vulnerable, However on the heavier tanks only a few spots are vulnerable and even then and you have to get close to the target to be ensured a kill.

The anti-tank solider is equipped with a hand held anti-tank weapon , a pistol, and a combat knife.



UK Inf Anti-Tank PIAT.png
British Anti-Tank soilder
Webley .455
Combat Knife


FR Inf Anti-Tank Bazooka.png
French Anti-Tank solider
M9 Bazooka
Pistolet automatique mle 1935S
Combat Knife


American Anti-Tank soilder
M9 Bazooka
M1911 Colt
Combat Knife


In de antitank.jpg
German Anti-Tank soilder
Pistole 08
Combat Knife