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General Info

In WWIIOnline the military units are broken down to Divisions and Brigades. The number of Brigades per Division depends on how the HC has organized the Army. The units are represented on the game map with a flag Icon.

To Identify what brigade is where, simply move the mouse over the flag icon and a pop up will show the brigde, and it's parent division. If you are unsure of what division supplies a brigade click on the icon, and a line will form, from the Parent (Division) HQ, to the Brigade you select. If you click on the Division HQ the line will go to it's subordinate brigades.

New in 1.27.1

  • Players can no-longer move Brigades to the training grounds, excepting:
    • The unit is a Land unit (paratroopers = air unit)
    • Infantry levels within the unit are at or below 10% (with new cap timers, this has been set to 50%)

New in 1.27

  • Brigades will continue to move as before with one noticeable exception: The new paratroop units will be listed as Army Brigades, but they will be moved like Air Brigades
  • There is a minimum 15-minute delay between movements of any Brigade/Division HQ
  • If the destination does not have a Factory Link, movement is delayed by 10% (16.5 minutes, moving behind the lines)
  • After a Brigade/Division HQ has been moved, all of its Replacement and Rescue tickets remain intact but are delayed by 2 minutes
  • All of its remaining equipment and equipment transfers are Transferred (see above) taking 30-33 minutes to return to the strength the unit was at prior to its move - unless it is moved again before this time is up


Brigades and DivHQs can be moved by HC Staff and temporary OICs. Brigade movement times are faster when issued from the OIC of the brigade or the appointed HC owner of the brigade.

Using the UI

Left click on the town containing the unit you wish to move; locate the destination and right click on it. If the destination seems to be valid, you will see an option for moving one of the Brigades or DivHQs in the town you left clicked on.

Using /commands

To move the Brigade you are in or the DivHQ above it, use the "/movebrigade" or "/movedivision" (/moveb and /moved for short) commands.

The Process

When you issue the instruction to move a Brigade or DivHQ, using the UI or the /commands, a request is placed for other HC staff to see and/or veto. No action is required to approve a move. If you are not OIC of the brigade or DivHQ you are trying to move, the approval time will be longer.

To view pending approvals or veto them with the UI, access the High Command Control Panel (/hccp).


Placement (Moving an HQ Unit on or off the map):

The Off Map locations are the "Training Grounds" placed at the edges of the map near the cities of Stromness (UK), Brest (FR) and Kiel (DE).

HQ Units can be placed Off Map at any time [same delay penalty as a rout], however DivHQ cannot be placed from Off Map to a frontline town Placing a DivHQ from Off Map will also place Off Map Brigades belonging to it

Brigades are automatically placed from off map at their DivHQ

To move a division or brigade from training back to the map:

step 1) Join a child brigade of the division you wish to move, or the brigade you wish to move

step 2) Select the destination city on the map

step 3) type ".moved" for an entire division to move or ".moveb" to move just the selected brigade.

Movement Rules

The destination CP Owner must be of the same side as the HQ Unit The destination CP must have one or more country and branch matching military facilities (An army base for ground brigades, etc.) Each individual brigade or division may move once every 15 minutes The destination CP must be within one link (land or water) The destination CP must be shared by or adjacent to at least one *other* member of the Division UNLESS all other members of the Division are Off Map When a brigade gets moved, it now prints the name of the player (if any) moving the brigade - If a brigade is moved by the system, the message (sans name) is printed - ".lastmoves" will list the last 8 brigade moves for your country and who made them


HC and OIC players can move the brigade and issue other Brigade Orders though the Theater map or the High Command Control Panel

Brigades can only be moved up to 1 CP away from a Division Headquarters. If the Brigade is 2 CP's away, it cannot be moved, not even toward it's Division HQ


HC players can move the DivHQ of the brigade they are in by selecting the destination on the map and typing ".moved" Can be moved any direction, however attention must be paid so that the brigades are still within their movement ability.

Automated Surrender of Pockets

More detailed instructions found on this site, but changes to function change regularly so do not expect the operation to move exactly as expected, or at all.