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Download and Installation

Find and dl the client (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux):


Once downloaded, launch and install Discord.

You have to register with Discord, but it doesn’t have to be your WWIIOL username and password

After the installation, Discord should look like this:



World War II Online Discord Server: https://discord.gg/wwiionline

Now it looks like this:


Pick a side to start using that sides discord. NOTE: Sides are separated from each other, and while it is possible to switch between them, there is a time lag.

Settings On the bottom left side you find the icon for the settings:


click on it and setup Discord.

Account: setup displayed name and picture

Nitro: unimportant

Connections: unimportant

Friends: leave it at Everyone

Text & Images: leave it the way it is

Voice: setup your Push to Talk


Notifications: personal preference, but I would turn

TEXT-TO-SPEECH on Never or you will hear

each text messages spoken by a computer


Settings II Keybinds: you can add other buttons

e.g. 2nd Push-To-Talk or Deafen

I would add “Toggle Deafen” to have the

possibility to mute the chat (e.g. capping).


Appearance: just look and feel

Games: Here you can set Overlay for BGE

- start BGE

- click Add it! (green)

- chose WWIIOL

- click on Overlay


Overlay: Here you can set the button to see

additional functions in-game

(Important if you want to move the overlay)

Locale / Streamer / Security: unimportant

Moving the Overlay:

- Start Discord and WWIIOL

- Press the chosen “Toggle Overlay Lock” (see Overlay)

- Alt Tab to get out of WWIIOL lock

- move Overlay with mouse (you’ll notice a delay), so move it and wait a bit. Be patient!

- Once you have the desired position, press “Toggle Overlay Lock” key’s again.