FR Inf Rifle Semi MAS40

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FSE MAS Mle 1940
Type Semi-automatic rifle
Caliber 7.5×54mm French
Feed System 5-round internal clip
Muzzle Velocity
Maximum Effective Range


The MAS 36 was intended to be nothing but a stop-gap for the French army as they worked their way towards producing a semi-automatic rifle. The prototype result was the MAS40. The MAS40 was extremely reliable, and could sustain nearly twice the rate of fire of the contemporary MAS36. However very few were produced before the fall of France and it did not see widespread use. Despite this the MAS40 was proven to be a good design and evolved into the MAS49 which became the standard issue rifle of the French army until the 1970s.


The MAS40 is available from tier 0 in very limited numbers to begin with. Numbers increase as the tiers progress. The MAS40 is an accurate weapon, with a high rate of fire, it is perfectly suited to rifle battles around FB or in the approaches to town. It does have one major drawback. Its magazine capacity is only 5 rounds and with its high rate of fire it burns through quickly. You should be aware of how many rounds you have left particularly in later tiers when facing German semi-automatic rifles, remember their magazine capacity is double that of your rifle.