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Account questions

Do I need to purchase the game to try it out?

No, you only need to pay to play online. You can download the latest client here and play offline for free to get a feel for the game. It is also handy for practicing. In addition to offline practice, you can also use the training server to get help from players also free of charge.

I've been gone a while, are my stats/gamename still around?

The policy is that after 90 days of inactivity, your gamename becomes eligible for someone else to purchase, though they have to request CRS staff to manually make the game available.

Your ranks, stats and forum posts are associated with your username, which you can't change. Thus, if you change your gamename, the stats and ranks don't change, and all your old forum posts will now have your new gamename on them.

Gameplay questions

Why can't there be friendly fire?

Drop a grenade at your feet and there is!

The short answer is that it is too disruptive to coordinated online play. If you've ever played any team based game where friendly fire exists, you'll recall how frustrating teamkillers were.

Why do I die when I a plane rams me but he does not?

It depends on who's client sees them self hit another plane first. Whoever sees it first, dies. Ping rates and lag feature here A LOT. Please see Air Collision.

I shot that xxxx eleventy billion times and he fired once and killed me. How?

As this is a simulation, ballistics and damage are modeled to be 'true to life'. As such, rifles will not penetrate tank armor and some tank rounds may be ineffective against other certain tanks. See critical kill components for an in depth look at vehicles.

I've been gone a while, what's been happening?

Check out the brigade changes page for some info. Or you could check out the readme page.

Technology questions

Will the game run on Linux?

Although not officially supported, players have found ways to make the game playable. Please see the Linux page for more detail.

I don't like the key configuration, what can I do?

Check out the Keymapper page for some help.

What's Wiretap?/Are there 3rd party applications for the game?

Wiretap is a direct feed from the WWIIOL:BE. It is currently unofficially, however players have been able to use the data to create third party application to monitor the game outside the game. See the Wiretap page for a list of current applications.

I have a question about the visibility limit

Please see the visibility limit page.

Modeling questions

How can a xxxx catch me so easily when I am flying a much faster xxxx?

Please see Plane Max Speed for now, more information will be added eventually.