Fusil mle 1936

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In fr fusil 1936.jpg
Fusil MAS modele 1936
Type Bolt-action rifle
Caliber 7.5mm
Feed System 5 Round Clip
Muzzle Velocity 830m/s
Maximum Effective Range 700m


World War I convinced the French military that the 8mm Lebel cartridge needed to be replaced. Many choices were tested, with the final choice being the 7.5 x 54mm MAS round. This testing process and entirely new rifle design meant that the fusil MAS 36 was the last bolt action rifle adopted by a major army anywhere in the world. Its receiver was based around a much-modified and shortened Mauser bolt action. It was regarded as an ugly and clumsy weapon, however, it could stand up to virtually any sort of abuse known to man, from surviving explosions to being used as an improvised tool.

Game Play

Fusil mle 1886 M93 "Lebel" with APX mle 1921 scope

Lebel with APX mle 1921 Scope
Type Bolt-action rifle
Caliber 8mm
Feed System 8 tubular magazine
Muzzle Velocity 610 to 700 m/s
Maximum Effective Range 400 m


The French Sniper uses a Lebel fitted with an APX mle 1921 telescope.

Game Play

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