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Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-4

Ac de fw190 a4.jpg
Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-4
Type Fighter
Armament 4 x 20 mm Cannon,
2 x 7.9 mm Machine Guns
Crew 1 (Pilot)
Weight 3,985kg
Top Speed 671km/h (416.94 mph)
Armored Glass Windscreen none
Pilot Armor (back/head) none


As the Bf 109 became increasingly depended on by the Luftwaffe as its primary day fighter, the strain on production of the Daimler Benz DB601 engine it used became untenable. An alternative had to be found and Kurt Tank was the one who offered it.

The Fw 190 was designed to be the Bf 109's stable mate and relied on a radial engine from BMW, the BMW801. With a stout and compact airframe being pulled along by the 1700+ hp BMW, the Focke Wulf Fw 190 boasted speed, acceleration and a climb rate that were better than the current RAF Spitfire Mk V.

While the classic turn radius or turn rate had long been the focus of most air combat maneuvering up until this point in history, the Fw 190 changed all that with its tremendous roll rate. While not able to out turn most of its opponents, the Fw 190 could roll faster and thereby change its maneuver or lift vector (its turning direction) faster than expected and with deceptive ease… and was exceedingly difficult to follow in any other sort of aircraft once the wickedly fast rate of roll came into play.

Game Play

The Fw 190 is a difficult plane to master as it relies on a performance profile that is vastly different from just about any fighter in the game. Certainly those players who have cut their teeth on becoming masters in the Bf 109 series have to completely change their approach and their way of thinking to make the most of the deadly “Butcherbird.” Speed, acceleration, and most critically roll rate, are the assets of the 190 that make the real difference in combat, all that and sheer unadulterated firepower.

Pilots coming from the Bf 109 series must re-calibrate their minds in order to unlock the Fw 190s power. Out roll your opponent to turn a defensive position into an offensive one, particularly useful are the barrel roll suite of maneuvers. To do well in this plane you must master the Barrel Roll Attack and the Lag Roll.

The Focke Wulf retains its speed very well in this type of rolling fight and can easily disengage at will if flown with a cool head and a soft touch. It doesn’t sustain energy well in long extended turning duels, although it does have good instantaneous turn rate which allows you to transition the nose into a guns solution early in a turning fight if you rack it around hard before you unload the airframe and get the hell out of there. Once you get someone in your sights, the four 20mm cannons can make it very short work to knock down any aircraft allowing you to quickly change targets or to unload the stick and use your remaining E to disengage to set up another attack. With the guns widely spread along the wing however, gunnery practice or the "close" shot must be your doctrine.

Players who use the Fw 190 and try to win turning duels or get transfixed into tight turning dogfights will probably come away with a bad impression, never understanding that they actually had one of the deadliest WWII fighter aircraft ever built at their control. Understanding the 190s strengths and how to use them is critical if you are to totally dominate your opponents, but once you can it's easy in the 190.

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