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===[[what do High Command do]]===
===[[Allied High Command]] (AHC)===
===[[Allied High Command]] (AHC)===
===[[Axis High Command]] (OKW)===
===[[Axis High Command]] (OKW)===

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The High Commands are player-run hierarchies that command the strategic level of the game.


what do High Command do

Allied High Command (AHC)

Axis High Command (OKW)

HC Units


High Command Articles of Conduct

Orders of Battle

The High Commands organize the military branches into Orders of Battles, or "Orbats".

Axis Order of Battle

Allied Order of Battle


High Command Control Options

High Command Control Panel

The High Command Control Panel allows HC officers and OICs handle Brigade Orders and OIC Nominations.

Tactical Orders

Brigade Orders

HCs and OICs can order attack and defense objectives on cities (CPs) and bridges, take charge of brigades, and move them.

OIC Nomination

HC officers can nominate any player within a brigade to be the Officer in Charge of that brigade.