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How to use the mortar

When you spawn in as a mortarmen, the important thing to remember is that you also have a rifle in weapon slot #3.


Your mortarman has the following weapons which are selected with the number keys on the keyboard (above the letters), or with the mouse wheel.

  1. High Explosive mortar rounds
  2. Smoke mortar rounds
  3. Rifle
  4. Knife

Firing the Mortar

To fire the mortar

  1. Go prone (V key)
  2. Deploy the Mortar (B key) [You can also deploy by right clicking the mouse]
  3. Select Ammo (#1 or #2 on keyboard)(#1 is HE, #2 is Smoke)
  4. Set Range with Page Up and Page Down
  5. Check Range setting - it is displayed in the lower left of your screen above the icon of the weapon.
  6. Aim mortar moving the mouse left and right. Use the white line on your tube, that's the direction the mortar is aiming for (and yes, it is historically correct).
  7. Press fire.
  8. Wait for it.
  9. Wait for it. (Remember, the smoke rounds have a timed fuse on them)
  10. Observe results if possible.

Using your Stockpile

If friendly rifleman help you out by stockpiling ammo for you, remember that you will lose all the stockpiled ammo if you move more than a couple of meters! The hud will warn you, but it is easy to move out of range before you notice the warning - then the ammo is gone.

Best thing to do is fire the mortar indirectly within the resupply range of truck (the truck must be stationary) - you'll see a truck symbol where your ammo number is displayed. That way, as you fire your ammo off, you will automatically be resupplied. Make sure you bring some defenders to watch your back, because you're quite a juice target for the enemy.

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