Incremented flaps

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How to Install Incremental flaps

Flaps, the large moving surfaces inboard of your ailerons that deploy to increase the wing’s lift area, are normally used for landing only. They can however be used successfully in combat as well, for the same reason: they increase lift (and increase drag, thereby slowing you down). And when you increase lift in a slow and tight turning fight, you can turn yet tighter and thus gain a favorable shot position.

The WWIIOL:BE flaps operation is simplistic yet variable: if you do not tweak your aircraft setup the flaps will either be fully retracted or fully deployed, even if your aircraft historically had incremental flap settings. By the same token, aircraft that did not have incremental flap settings can be tweaked to have such in the game.

If you do not tweak your settings to offer “combat flaps”, you need to be wary of deploying flaps at speeds over 250 kmh/150m mph as prolonged use at excessive speed will damage the flaps and even render them inoperable. Therefore, should you opt to use flaps to gain a positional advantage, only use them briefly and at lower speeds.

To give your aircraft “combat flaps” cut and paste the following text into your ‘’’air.cfml document’’’ which you will find in your WWIIOL:BE directory (the Windows default location go to documents then battleground Europe and you should fined the cmfl file and go to air.cmfl and save the air.cfml file after editing, without renaming it, using any basic text editor such as Simpletext or Notepad.

   <control function="Flap control">
   		<keydelta value="25.00" per="keypress">
   		<keydelta value="-25.00" per="keypress" index="1">
   		<keyabsolute value="0.00">
   		<keyabsolute value="0.00" index="10">
  • Each time you push the Q or W key, it will raise/lower the flaps 25%. If the flaps move 40 degrees (typical), then each keypress will give you 10 degrees of flaps if you use the settings above. You can also change what keys to use for flaps operation, and the amount of effect per keypress.
  • The use of rudders, either foot pedals or in the form of a twist-action stick, is highly recommended. Without rudder control you are robbing yourself of an entire plane of maneuver: yaw (lateral movement). Flying without rudder control is like trying to do breaststrokes with your hands tied behind your back!
  • Use rudder control to correct your takeoff roll; to skid, sideslip and knifedge; to slice inside an opponent’s turn; to slice up while turning; to yaw into a guns opportunity while heading right past an enemy; to correct a strafing approach, just to name a few. If you have rudder control, do not be afraid to use it. And if you are afraid to use it, experiment offline until you get the hang of it.