M1903 Springfield

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M1903A3 Springfield Rifle

(Picture forthcoming)
Caliber .30-06, Model 1903A3
Type Bolt-action Rifle
Caliber .30-06 cal
(7.62 mm)
Feed system 5 round stripper clip
Muzzle velocity 783 m/s
Maximum Effective range 1000 m

The M1903 Springfield served the United States military for nearly 60 years, beginning in 1905. Initially, it was the standard infantry rifle but transitioned to the role of sniper rifle as the M1903A4. It fired the .30-06 round (7.62 x 63 mm), a round common to several US military firearms.

M1904A4 Springfield Sniper Rifle

In us rifle m1904a4.jpg
Caliber .30-06, Model 1903A4
Type Bolt-action Rifle
Caliber .30-06 cal
(7.62 mm)
Feed system Single-round loaded
Due to sight blocking stripper clip feeding
Muzzle velocity 783 m/s
Maximum Effective range 1000 m

When fitted with a scope, the Springfield was designated M1903A4. Authentic versions of these will usually have a stamp on the receiver that says "M1903A3", indicating it was an A3 that had the scope added (and front iron sights removed). Though it was outfitted with different telescopic sights at times, the version in WWII Online uses the Weaver 330, which used a simple crosshair reticule.

Snipers were often recruited from among the finest marksmen in the force. They were assigned to hit important targets, were highly valued and respected among soldiers, and often followed their own code of ethics. Among these ethical rules was that a sniper would not kill an enemy sniper unless it was absolutely necessary.

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