M3 37mm anti tank gun

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Type Light Anti-Tank Gun
Armament 37 mm Anti-Tank Gun
Gun Elevation -10° to +15°
Turret Traverse 60°
Crew 2 (Commander, Gunner)
Weight 413kg
Tow Class Light
M3 37mm atg sights.png
Main Gun Optics
Designation M6
Field of View

The M3 37 mm anti-tank gun, based on the 37 mm Pak 36 but of much less complicated design. was in widespread use in the US Army leading up to WW2. Its low profile and easy handling together with a hard hitting APC round that could slice through any side armour up to its effective range, made it an effective implement against any unfortunate panzer.

By 1942, the 37mm was obsolete in Europe but was used by US forces in large numbers throughout the war.

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