No.36M Mk I Mills Bomb

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No.36M Mk I Mills Bomb
Type Hand Grenade
Fuse Delay 4 to 7 seconds
Explosive Type
Effective Blast Radius 80 yards


Britain went to war in 1914 without an effective grenade, as a weapon they where believed to be out dated, however Trench warfare proved that not to be the case. British soldiers improvised various home made grenades until the Mills bomb was adopted by the British Army as its standard hand grenade in 1915 as the No 5.

The Mills bomb underwent numerous modifications. The No. 23 was a No. 5 with a rodded base plug which allowed it to be fired from a rifle. This concept evolved further with the No. 36, a variant with a detachable base plate for use with a rifle discharger cup. The final variation of the Mills bomb, the No. 36M, was specially designed and waterproofed with shellac for use in the hot climate of Mesopotamia in 1917 at first but remained in production for many years. By 1918 the No. 5 and No. 23 had been declared obsolete and the No. 36 (but not the 36M) followed in 1932. the No. 36M remained in service as the British Army’s standard grenade until the 1970s.

The No. 36M anti-personnel fragmentation grenade had a cast iron body weakened by longitudinal and transverse grooves to assist in fragmentation. The No. 36M was a defensive pattern grenade whose shrapnel could kill within 80 yd (73 m) of the detonation point.It was not unknown for fragments to be thrown more than 100yards. The thrower had to be behind cover or immediately had to lie prone after throwing as even the best throw would like see it reach30 yards. In a bunker or other enclosed space, the Mills Bomb was lethal to the point of overkill.

Game Play

Grenades are used mostly for taking down the various AI you will encounter in game. landing a grenade on the platform of the tower should bring it in blast. other AI is dealt with by throwing a grenade at their feet or anti-tank gun.

Grenades are also used to clear CPs and army base radio rooms.

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