Panzerschreck 54

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Raketenpanzerbüchse 54
Type Rocket Launcher
Caliber 88mm
Feed System Single Shot
Muzzle Velocity 105m/s
Maximum Effective Range 150m
Ammo RPzB.Gr 4322


The Panzersherk came about after the German’s captured Bazookas in both North Africa and on the eastern Front. Realizing the potential of a hand held rocket firing anti-tank weapon, the German set about developing their own. The result was Raketenpanzerbüchse 54, better known as the Panzersherk. Like the Bazooka the Panzersherk fires HEAT (high explosive Anti-tank) Rocket with an effective range of 150m.

The Panzersherk made its combat debut in 1943 and was able to tackle almost all the armour that the German might encounter. It was not without its flaws, because of it bigger calibre that the bazooka, it was heavier and had a very large back-blast that gave away the users position. Just around 300,000 panzersherks were produced compared to just short of 7 million panzerfausts.

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