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*Jani "Summala" Summala
*Jani "Summala" Summala

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As Of Version (5-27-09)


There are a couple of things that players should be aware of before installing this release. This release includes a new PlayGATE. We advise players to use the Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows to removes "Battleground Europe: WWIIOL" and "PlayGATE" before continuing. Players who use ATi graphics cards may experience difficulties using the latest 9.5 drivers. While this problem is not limited to WWIIOL, we are working hard to resolve it and expect that we'll have a fix (or there will be new drivers) shortly. In the meantime please continue to use the 9.4 drivers if possible.

Thank you.


  • Removed AA AI targeting paratroopers
  • Paratroopers wing badge moved so it does not display under the personal decal
  • Redid the rank requirements for infantry

Infantry Rank Requirements

 E1 rank: Rifleman (binos now available!)
 E2 rank: SMG
 E3 rank: Sapper
 E4 rank: LMG/ATR
 E5 rank: Motarman/Grenadier
 E6 rank: Mission Posting
 E7 rank: Marksman (Sniper)

New Aircraft

  • The Bf109F-1 is added to appear in tier 1 as the high ranked German fighter, replacing the Bf109E-4 which has had to be carried over from tier 0 up until now. It is faster than the Bf109E-4, climbs better and has a single nose mounted 20mm cannon in place of the two wing mounted cannons of the E-4 variant.
  • The Spitfire IIb replaces the Spitfire Ib in tier 1 as the high ranked British fighter. It is faster, and climbs better than the Spitfire Ib but is otherwise very similar.
  • The Bf110F-B replaces the Bf110C-4/B as the tier 2 German fighter bomber. It is faster and climbs better than the old Bf110C-4/B, and has an improved gun package. This brings it more into competitive alignment with the British Hurricane IIC and French Bell Mle.14a, while they both outclass the Bf110F-B as a turn fighter the German plane has a better bomb load and probably the best ammunition load out with 400 rounds of the higher velocity MG151 20mm. The Bf110F-B also has improved pilot armour.
  • An issue with excessive oil consumption in the engines of the He-111 was also cured so that it no longer runs out of oil before it runs out of fuel.


  • Range finders now report in yards and meters
  • Fixed several Panzer gun sights that were not aligned correctly
  • Removed hatch and canopy controls from all AT and AA guns
  • Fixed PzIIIF turret coax MG ammo counter
  • Fixed some texture issues on the Panhard
  • Fixed long range visibility issues with Flak 36
  • Spit IIb now shows vertical stab in the virtual cockpit
  • Addressed a long standing HE issue with concussive damage to tank crews under very specific conditions

Critical Secondaries for Tanks

  • All tanks that are tracked both sides from major damage (destruction) of drive and idler sprockets will award a kill to the shooter
  • All tanks that are tracked both sides resulting from loss of the track itself but without the destruction of drive and idler sprockets will not award kills to the shooter for that track loss
  • All wheeled and half track vehicles will award kills for the collapse of one side of the vehicle resulting in the vehicle being unable to drive further
  • All wheeled and half track vehicles are no longer able to be driven on 3 wheels after taking catastrophic damage to 1 wheel


  • EWS should now trigger at airfields and factories more reliably
  • FB's are not used in the check


  • Players must now complete Basic Combat Training in order to graduate
  • Graduates can now access advanced training in infantry, tank and fighter combat
  • Players who complete Advanced Training will be able to join instanced combat missions to practice their new skills or to just find instant action
  • Fixed Spanish chat training asking for f4 but needed to press f3
  • Upon graduating from Basic Training, players will receive a new badge
  • AI no longer shoots during tutorials
  • When players exit training they will resume their previous persona

New Account Permission System

  • In order to support our China release as well as some of our own top secret machinations we have altered how we manage permissions on the host. Hopefully this will be seamless to you but in case you find that you cannot transmit on Channel 1 or maybe you find that .wtf no longer seems to be working you'll know that Gophur messed them up and he'll need to fix it. Please do a .report (I'll be watching).
  • In addition to this you nay notice some red locks from time to time. This will indicate that you do not have access to a particular piece of content. For instance, you nay be at the highest rank and cannot gain more. You can mouse over these for more information.


We've added an entirely new PlayGATE launcher. This program will now install into the game directory and no longer be a secondary install. You can now safely remove the old standalone PlayGATE from your system via the Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panels (PC only). Mac uses will see no cosmetic changes.

  • Added new functionality for playgate
  • Added "Region Selection screen" (china and beta only)
  • Added new web links and news pages
  • Fixed several connection and error message issues
  • Fixed a firewall checking error
  • The network code has been updated to use port 27015, 27016 and 27017
  • Changed netcode2 behavior: Defaults to allowing the Operating System to choose the local 'port' to use for connections to the game server. Controlled by config option 'app.localnc2port' which defaults to 0 (OS assigned).
    • This may cause some users firewalls' to complain but will significantly reduce the number of CTHLs caused by packetloss.
    • Users who want the old behavior need an entry in wwiiol.xml that reads: <value name="app.localnc2port" type="int" value="27015"/>


  • Alt-F4 is no longer functional while in the game world
  • Corrected several spelling mistakes in UI language
  • All text input views now have IME support
  • Improved text input editing and cursor movement


  • Added the /resetradio command to retune default settings to the radio
  • Fixed a bug where typing a long string could leave your chat input hidden
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor position was incorrect after a long line was entered
  • Fixed a possible error with default chat channels and blank channels
  • Made the interval between Help Channel usage reminder notices 5 minutes instead of 2.
  • Made the interval between Ops Channel usage reminder notices 15 minutes instead of 5.
  • Improved bad word filter (no need for you to "test" it out for us m'kay? kkthx)
  • Added /trainers <message> for trainers
  • Made the ammo switch message more generic in order to assist with translations


  • Fixed some map threading issues (should fix white map on some processors)
  • Training facilities should now show in town search
  • Minimap scale is now saved at despawn


  • Added new tank range to training grounds
  • Added new indirect fire range to training grounds
  • Fixed bridge colliders so towed weapons dontt fall through the gap
  • Fixed wood floor footstep sounds in small Belgian building
  • Map icons for new buildings have been updated
  • Converted flags to GLSL so that ATi users will not see distorted graphics with some driver/card combinations
  • Fixed a building error in Revin
  • Altered Revin AB layout
  • Improved Revin town layout
  • Replaced Sedan-charleville FB
  • Fixed some object errors in St.Truiden
  • Improved St.Truiden town layout
  • Fixed some object errors in Dinant West
  • Altered Dinant West town layout
  • Replaced st.Truiden-Hasselt FB
  • Improved Hasselt town layout
  • Added farm between Hasselt town and outlying southern depots
  • Replaced Diest-Aarschot FB
  • Improved Diest town layout
  • Added builder statue 1st Lithuanian Brigade near Andenne
  • Altered Andenne AB layout
  • Improved Andenne town layout
  • Replaced Gembloux-Wavre FB
  • Altered Gembloux town layout
  • Fixed elevation issue at Namur AB
  • Altered Namur AB layout
  • Improved Namur town layout
  • Replaced Profonderville city capture facility
  • Altered Profonderville town layout
  • Replaced Mazagran-Juniville FB
  • Replaced Juniville-Mazagran FB
  • Altered Mazagran town layout
  • Improved Juniville town layout
  • Replaced Nivilles-Louviere FB
  • Altered Nivilles town layout
  • Improved Louviere town layout
  • Improved Binche town layout
  • Fixed some elevation issues around above region (FB's and town tiles)
  • Fixed a depot at Geel
  • Fixed a tree in a depot at Engien
  • Fixed missing collide object on crate at docks
  • Replaced some non-functional AI in Bergen Op Zoom
  • Added an industrial facility to Bergen Op Zoom
  • Removed and replaced LeChesne Armybase (overlap tag on UI map issue)
  • Altered LeChesne town layout
  • Replaced Hasselt-St.Truiden FB
  • Improved Hasselt North AB layout
  • Replaced Geel-Paal Depot
  • Improved Geel town layout
  • Recreated Geel-Paal/Paal-Geel link
  • Improved Paal town layout
  • Replaced the Engien-Halle Depot
  • Improved Engien town layouy
  • Fixed a number of building/berm issues in Chimay
  • Fixed a number of issues with bad building/berm collisions in Rethel
  • Fixed some non-functional AI in Montfaucon
  • Fixed some building errors in Montfaucon
  • Fixed some berm/building anomalies in Etain
  • Fixed some non-functioning AI in Etain
  • Removed some bad AI placement in Mouzon
  • Removed some non-start buildings in Warmeriville
  • Converted the Warmeriville Power Plant into a strat facility
  • Fixed some AI problems in Ettelbruck
  • Fixed some AI problems in Moerdijk
  • Fixed some AI problems in Diest
  • Improved Ettelbruck town layout
  • Added a factory facility (capturable) to Heiderscheid township
  • Removed some berm errors in surrounding supercells
  • Fixed some AI problems in Mersch
  • Added a factory facility (capturable) to Mersch township
  • Fixed some berm errors near Dussen
  • Improved Dussen town layout
  • Fixed some elevated building issues (clipping) in Valenciennes
  • Fixed an elevation issue at Avelgem
  • Fixed the Avelgem-Tournai FB berm issue
  • Flattened some non flat river tiles along southern edge of map
  • Fixed an elevation issue in Metz
  • Fixed a bunch of broken AI at airfields
  • Fixed a bunch of berm issues
  • Fixed some broken building strat in Maubeauge
  • Rebuilt Maubeauge township (moved some over lapping facilities)
  • Fixed a spawn point issue in St.Vith
  • Fixed an elevation issue in St.Vith
  • Fixed some problems around Manhay
  • Fixed a spawn issue in Zell
  • Fixed some FB issues around Hermskiel
  • Fixed some issues in and round Bastogne
  • Fixed an FB issue near Bastogne
  • Fixed an AI issue in Bastogne
  • Rebuilt some bad aspects of the AB in Bastogne
  • Fixed an elevation issue at Hatert
  • Fixed a number odd elevation issues around Wiltz
  • Rebuilt some of the Wiltz AB layout
  • Fixed an AB/Spawn issue in Feschaux
  • Replaced Waremme-St.Truiden FB
  • Fixed an elevation issue in Waremme
  • Fixed another FB but I forgot which one !
  • Fixed an elevation issue at Champlon
  • Fixed a bug at Champlon AB
  • Fixed some bugs/issues around Manhay
  • Improved/fixed spawners in Chevron
  • Fixed some elevation issues round Chevron


The release of v1.30.0 marks the begining of the beta test in China. We have spent the last year deploying many specific features to support this release. the features outlined below are critical to the successful release in China and haev opened the doors to many new features for our customers world wide. We would like to wish our partners in China the best of success on their launch. Success in China will ensure that we have the ability to continue to provide new features and new game play for years to come. S!

  • The client now supports several of the most common Input Method Editors for the Chinese language
  • PlayGATE now support the ability to have multiple regions with several game worlds each
  • The game now uses a new font that incoporates Chinese (and several other) character sets
  • The China version of the game is known as PKHLK which translates roughly to "Player Killer *Air,Sea, and Land"
  • The China version has custom flags and custom proper names for countries and towns, vehicles and weapons
  • The China version has unique logos and background screens
  • The game translations and text handling have been fully redone to allow for complete translation into Chinese
  • The China version has allowed us to develop several new technologies for things like training and instanced battles
  • Several issues had to be addressed for wide string character including install and save locations, registry keys, game names and chat
  • China will be able to support several custom account types such as pay-by-hour, free play, and VIP accounts in addition to premium subscriptions
  • Western players might find it interesting to know that in China the GM's will also act as the HC


This section of the read me often looks short but the ammount of work done here is always extensive. We would like to thank everyone who is a part of our Communty Translation Team. These guys have volunteered to help and make your game better. Give them a big salute next time you see them.

  • soloje
  • carnal
  • cad1SC
  • cid250
  • greni
  • rote7
  • rote1
  • lince
  • cix


  • Added several strategic commands to the High Command page
  • Several punctuation, spelling and grammar errors corrected in Chat Commands
  • Several British aircraft pages revised for same
  • Revised manual indexes to list new aircraft and remove non-used aircraft


  • Ui now reports promotions in dog tag
  • Ui pop up when you get a promotion showing any perks you receive and points to your next rank

Rank Title Fixes

Several erroneous rank titles were updated or removed.

  • Kommodore removed from German Navy
  • Colonel is removed from French Navy.
  • General Admiral is added to German Navy.
  • Lieutenant, Junior removed from British Navy.
  • Commissioned Warrant Officer added to British Navy.
  • Boatswain added to British Navy
  • French Navy Enseigne divided into two classes
  • Other ranks moved up or down as appropriate
  • Various German spellings corrected.
  • British Army Brigadier corrected.
  • http://wiki.wwiionline.com/index.php/Ranks


We would like to thank Ahwulf for his continues support in helping us keep the Mac client up to date.


  • Improved sound handling
  • Fixed the long standing ?settings? bug
  • Improved the network code
  • Fixed a particle crash bug


  • "Hardware" is now always the default sound setting
  • Added reset chat button to preferences


  • Fixed an issue with mouse inputs at very high frame rates
  • Disabled alt-f4 while in game
  • No prior keymap preset selection causes the game to redetect the best preset each session
  • Prior manual preset selection overrides auto selected preset even if the presets device requirements are not met; assumes user knows best
  • Fixed an issue where systems with multiple joystick devices could get an incorrect preset selected
  • Yaw is now an absolute keymap
  • Fixed some missing plane controls offline
  • Adjusted flags for the roll, pitch and yaw controls to allow for absolute and relative keyboard functions
  • Category preset is now saved on first calculation to allow for no joystick keyboard fallback


  • Removed the forced single-core affinity
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash on every 32nd despawn
  • ww2exit.log, ww2net.log, ww2abort.log etc are all now combined as "WW2_Log.txt" (Windows: Under Documents directory)


We would like to welcome these newest members to our Builders Program and extend to them our sincerest gratitude for their support.

  • Tim "Beerrun" Donovan
  • Kidd27
  • 250 Hispana
  • 1st Lithuanian Brigade
  • Boudreau
  • Hammer09
  • Alpha

In Memoriam

  • Jani "Summala" Summala