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This release is a hotfix for issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- Corrected the issue for whenever a weapon was despawned and the spawn list wasn't shown

- The Squad member mission join tab is now fixed

- Fixed the issue that was causing the town change timer after the town was liberated

- The Naval Garrison in Andenne now shows in the Brigade Selection list

- The Airforce Garrison in Antwerp South now shows in the Brigade Selection list

- Player kill notifications has now been fixed

- The $orig chat command now outputs the proper information

Adjusted Content

- Brigade and Garrison designations have been updated so that only Brigades have unit flags while active Garrisons only have dots

- Updated the $miss and $unit chat commands to show the full name of the Unit

- The Beta Map Options are now removed from the Map Options tab

- Further changes to better improve player connections have been implemented

New Content

- Translations have been added for numerous 1.36 additions

S! Cornered Rat Software (07 April 19)

In this release, CRS brings back persistent front line supply with the introduction of Garrisons

Adjusted Content

- The Automatic AO system has been adjusted to take into account Garrisons

- If a player logs into the game and their previous Garrison has now changed sides, a replacement will be found for them

- Towns that are owned by the United States will utilize French Airforce and Naval Garrisons

New Content

- Garrisons for each Branch (Army/Airborne/Airforce/Navy) have been created

- Garrisons have been placed into every town where appropriate

- Separate Inactive and Supply Trickle timers have been added for Garrisons

- The Allied HC can choose which Allied Country can own each of their towns

- The Allied HC will have a 10 minute timer that allows for changing of the town owner, after a battle, without penalty

- The Allied HC can use the current Voting system when manually changing a town's Country

- Towns now have a status (Frontline/Backline/Reserve/Inactive)

- A number of translations have been updated to include the changes in this release

S! Cornered Rat Software