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  • ...romotes a play style that is less serious about "saving gear" and more fun for the campaign break. ...le who just want to have some fun between campaigns. So a simple one makes for a change.
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  • ...Infantry brigades on both sides will not have armored units in them at all for this event. ...ecause they can push into and defeat the Allies in Nijmegen and capture it for big scenario points.
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  • ...ff Topic''' forum is the core of the WWIIOL:Battleground Europe Community. For some highlights of the history of OT, see this thread:<br> As suddenly as King Mole was whisked into our lives he departed just as quick. Bushman
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  • ...s, Charleroi, Liege, etc., can either be a real pain in the butt or pretty fun; mostly depending on how comfortable you are with it. * Stay out of the roads if at all possible. They are long easy kill zones for tanks, LMGs, etc. Only reason you should be going across a road is at full
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  • combat, i.e. avoid bogging down in lengthy and largely static free-for-all “furballs” but employ drag-and-bag tactics instead, and strive to k ..., usually at altitudes below 3,000 ft/1 km, a practice that is sub-optimal for a number of reasons:
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  • The High Command are players that are responsible for the strategic decisions made within the game. ...p:// Apply for OCS] (Paid accounts only)
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  • ...n Continental Europe from central Germany, and preferably without the need for fighter escort. While the requirement to be capable of unescorted bomber mi .... To get the most out of this game play, you will need to watch for calls for factory or RDP bombing, and join at least several missions, as rarely its t
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  • ...s in world war two online are often among the most popular type of mission for both vets and new players. Thus an airborne mission can attract a lot of pl ...manage to somehow survive the drop and cap the spawnable it can be hugely fun and rewarding gameplay.
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