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The Support Site

The primary method for receiving customer support is our website: SUPPORT.WWIIONLINE.COM.

Check the Tech Tips

The first thing you will see on the Support site is the Tech Tips section where important news is posted regarding the game and potential technical problems.

Check the FAQs

Several FAQs are on the support site and are organized by category.

Enter a Support Ticket

If the FAQs do not resolve your issue, you may enter a ticket from the FAQ pages by clicking the link that says the FAQ was not able to address your problem.

Support tickets may be entered anonymously in case you cannot recall your account login information.

Account Management

Further Information: Account Management

In the Official Web site there is a section to manage your account.

In this section you can change your contact info, your password. Also you can see your subscription status, modify your payment plan, see all your payment history, access to special offers or unsubscribe from Battleground Europe if you want.

Password Resets

This is a very common need for players. We have developed a Password Reset function which you can use from the website: Here to Reset Your Password

Game Settings

Please see the detailed Game Settings pages for information on how to configure WW2OL:BE for optimal performance.

Game Performance

Connection Issues (CTHL)

Game Crashes

Miscellaneous Issues