Tactical Orders

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High Command Tactical Orders


The High Command Staff’s have access to tools that directly interface with the game systems allowing for control over the flow of battle by means of turning on or off spawning and releasing control of a CP in some instances. You may see the following command signals in the game map icons from occasionally.


During tactical play it is often painfully clear that even a well-timed and executed defense is not enough to counter a larger or better-organized attack. If a CP is falling commanders can tag it as Overrun.

There are two tactical principles that can be evoked by the High Command Staffs if the need arises at an overrun CP:


If there is no hope of holding the CP or deflecting a determined attack your forces may be ordered to Fallback. This gives control of the army base(s) in town to the enemy, and opens any incoming FBs you may have on the links coming into town. From your newly opened FBs you may stand a better chance of regaining your balance and mounting an effective effort to re-capture the city you have just be routed from.

Hold at All Costs

There are times during war when all must be sacrificed; a maximum effort must be made at extreme costs to preserve your position. An order to Hold at All Costs may come from the High Command at times like these. This loosens the reigns on the amount of infantry that can be spawned at your currently owned depots (from the nearby AB) in town thus flooding and diverting the infantry out of the AB where the action might be too hot, into safer spawn-in environments elsewhere in town. While dispersing your infantry at a critical moment may help to turn or even reverse the tides, this is a last gasp and will quickly deplete all of the available infantry; leaving the town even more vulnerable than before.

Additional orders and powers found in Brigade Movement Rules