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||  <br>[[Rifleman#American | Browning Automatic Rifle ]]
||  <br>[[Rifleman#American | Browning Automatic Rifle ]]
||  <br>[[Rifleman#German | Fallschirmjagergewehr 42 (FG42) ]]
||  <br>[[Rifleman#German |[[Sturmgewehr 44|STG44]]  
! colspan ="5" |'''[[Sniper]]'''
! colspan ="5" |'''[[Sniper]]'''

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British French American German
Single Shot
(Bolt Action)
UK Inf Rifle Single Lee-Enfield.png
Enfield No4 Mk 1
FR Inf Rifle Single MAS36.png
MAS 36
In us rifle.jpg
M1903 Springfield
DE Inf Rifle Bolt K98.png
Mauser Karabiner 98
Semi-Automatic UK Inf Rifle Semi Garand.png
M1 Garand
FR Inf Rifle Semi MAS40.png
In us semiauto.jpg
M1 Garand
DE Inf Rifle Semi G41.png
Gewehr 43
DE Inf Rifle Semi G41.png
Browning Automatic Rifle

[[Rifleman#German |STG44
UK Inf Rifle Sniper.png
Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I with Mk III scope
FR Inf Rifle Sniper Lebel.png
Fusil mle 1886 M93 "Lebel" with APX mle 1921 scope
In us sniper.jpg
M1903 Springfield with Weaver 330 scope
DE Inf Sniper K98.png
Mauser Karabiner 98k with the ZF-41 scope
UK Inf Grenadier Enfield.png
Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I
FR Inf Grenadier MAS36.png
MAS 36
Not Currently Modeled De grenadier 01.jpg
Sub Machine Guns
UK Inf SMG Thompson.png
Thompson Model 1929
FR Inf SMG MAS38.png
Pistolet-mitrailleur MAS mle 38
In us smg.jpg
M1A1 Thompson
DE Inf SMG MP40.png
MP 40
UK Inf SMG Sten.png
Sten Mk II
FR Inf SMG M3A1 GreaseGun.png
M3A1 Grease Gun

M3A1 Grease Gun
DE Inf SMG MP34.png
MP 34
Machine Guns
Light Machine Gunner UK Inf LMG Bren.png
Bren Mk II Light Machine Gun
FR Inf LMG FM24-29.png
Fusil-mitrailleur mle 1924/29
Not Currently Modeled De mgunner 01.jpg
MG 34
Specialty Weapons
Anti-Tank Rifleman UK Inf Anti-Tank Rifle Boys.png
FR Inf Anti-Tank Rifle Boys.png

DE Inf Anti-Tank RiflePzB39.png
Panzerbüchse 39
Anti-Tank Soldier UK Inf Anti-Tank PIAT.png
FR Inf Anti-Tank Bazooka.png
M9 Bazooka
In us antitank.jpg
M9 Bazooka
In de antitank.jpg
UK Inf Mortar 2Inch.png
FR Inf Mortar M37.png
Lance-grenades de 50 mm mle 37

M37 Mortar
DE Inf Mortar.png
5 cm leGrW 36 (Granatwerfer 36)
Engineer / Sapper
Engineer Old inf p.png
Enfield No.4 Mk 1
FR combat Engineer.png
MAS 36
In us engineer.jpg
DE Inf combat Engineer.png
Sapper UK Inf Sapper.png
Webley Revolver

Modele 1935
In us engineer.jpg
DE Inf Sapper.png