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Entering the Training Server

To login to the Training Server, select the Training option from the BE launcher (also known as PlayGate).

Training Server Usage

Most of the time there are two game servers online. There is the "real" server, where everything counts. Then there is the "training" server where you can practice and hone your battle skills, be it by yourself or with a friend or two.

There are some differences between the real server and the training server. In the training server there is no rank requirement, allowing you to spawn any unit and to post missions for all your personas. Supply is unlimited here and you can respawn over and over 'til the sheep come home.

Area51. There is no Area51 anymore. I know many of the players loved it and we are trying our hardest to get it back in. However, you can use Remagen/Unkel or Roermond/Roermond West for Ground. Also you can use Seclin/Lille area for Aircraft.

To find who is all on the training server, type .who. On the real server the .who command will tell which of your squad mates that are online, here it tells everyone on the training server. On both servers you can type .tr to find out the trainers that are online. Feel free to ask any of them anytime questions that you have. They are there to help you!!!

Training Classes

There are two types of training currently available from this program. As we expand the effort, we'll be adding more and more training resources and programs including classes, and incentive programs designed to help people get into the game.

Open Training

Open training means that anyone can show up and practise whatever they want on the training server. Trainers may not be available during open training. This is useful for squads wanting to train new members without it affecting their scores. You may just want to check out various vehicles online or ask questions from users who are on the training server about various aspects of the game.

Scheduled Training

Scheduled training means that "trainers" are available to train you. It will be on a first come, first serve basis. Upon entry, you will need to contact the trainer specified in the system message in order to get training. He will direct you to a trainer that is available. If none are available, you'll have the option to wait or try back later. You can still use the training server in an Open format as long as you don't interfere with trainers and their pupils. Once you are directed to a trainer, you will convey your interest to the trainer and training will be conducted in a way that fits your needs... whether it be question and answers or actual operation of vehicles and troops.

Training Staff

Community Training Staff

Chief Community Training Director - Fearny


  • Cansub
  • cdz
  • Chkicker = XO
  • Chshadw
  • Fearny = CO
  • fiambre -
  • Germany
  • gvonpaul
  • hick
  • hotfink
  • jokur
  • kc23
  • megatron
  • memoi
  • mrmacky
  • Oldzeke
  • Oyaji
  • Oxford09
  • quizno
  • ramse888
  • Skurcey
  • Slamen
  • Tempest
  • Tettie
  • Themouse
  • warhead1
  • Waffen84

Training Rules & Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines for behavior while in the training arena. If you do not follow these guidelines, you may be asked to leave.

  • Area 51 is a non-free fire zone.
  • There is no scoring.
  • You can't capture towns.
  • Damage is live fire. Do not shoot other players without asking first.
  • Follow Trainer instructions at all times.
  • Be courteous to other players and Trainers and always ask before participating in their activities.
  • Trainers have enforceable authority.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • During Scheduled training sessions, please contact the Trainer specified in the message of the day if you wish specific training when you enter.
  • Observe the Playnet Terms of Service (ToS) at all times.
  • Trainers do not represent technical or customer support.
  • You must have an active subscription to train online.
  • Players are expected to know basic game functionality (specfically launching the game, the chat system, and navigating the game interface).

The mainland of the Training Server is open for all to use. Contact a trainer if you have specific needs.

Recommended Reading

Before you enter the training arena, it is highly recommended that you get some basic understanding of the interface and game world. This will help you communicate with other users and trainers.

Training Guides