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* '''Fighter Combat Training''': Practice fighter combat against opponents.
* '''Fighter Combat Training''': Practice fighter combat against opponents.
** Requires completion of Fighter I
** Requires completion of Fighter I

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Training tutorials have been introduced into the game. We plan to continue adding additional training tutorials over time.

Basic Training

New players must complete Basic Training before they can advance to participate in the broader game or the Advanced Training tutorials.

  • Movement: Learn how to move your infantry trooper in the game world.
  • Rifleman: An introduction to the weapons and equipment of the infantry rifleman.
  • Map: Understanding the game map.
  • Chat: Learn the basics of the chat system.
  • Heads Up Display (HUD): Learn about the Heads Up Display.
  • Basic Combat Training: Experience the capture mechanic of the game and possible combat.

Advanced Training

After basic training, players can train in more advanced infantry weapons, but also other units the game offers.

  • Infantry I: SMG: Using the Submachine Gun
    • Requires completion of Basic Training
  • Infantry II: LMG: Using the Light Machinegun
    • Requires completion of Infantry I
  • Armor I: Basic Operation: The fundamentals of controlling armor in the game.
  • Fighter I: Pre-Flight: Learn to aircraft controls and preparing for take off.

Combat Training

With the completion of advanced training for a class of units, the combat training become available. Unfortunately, it is possible that there may be no other players present in these areas at a given time.

  • Infantry Combat Training: Practice infantry combat in an arena with other infantry.
    • Requires completion of Infantry II
  • Armor Combat Training: Practice combat with other tanks.
    • Requires completion of Armor I
  • Fighter Combat Training: Practice fighter combat against opponents.
    • Requires completion of Fighter I