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==='''[[Infantry weapons]]'''===
==='''[[Infantry weapons]]'''===
<center>'''Examples of Infantry Weapons'''</center>
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[[Karabiner 98k|Mauser Karabiner 98k]]
[[Thompson Model 1928]]
[[Boys Anti-Tank Rifle]]
[[Fusil Mitrailleur mle.24/29|Fusil-mitrailleur mle 1924/29]]
[[Pistole 08|Pistole 08 "Luger"]]
[[Stielhandgranate 24]]
[[Maschinenpistole_40|MP 38/40]]
[[LG_50_mm_mortar|Lance-grenades de 50 mm mle 37]]

==='''Standard Infantry Units'''===
==='''Standard Infantry Units'''===

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This is the list of all infantry types, weapons, and vehicles existing in the game as playable units.

Army Units

The armies control the land war and are comprised of Infantry, Armor, Field Pieces (Guns), Trucks and Movers.


Main article: Infantry

Infantry weapons

Examples of Infantry Weapons
In de k98.jpg

Mauser Karabiner 98k

In uk smg thompson.jpg

Thompson Model 1928

In uk boys atr.jpg

Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

In fr chat lmg fr.jpg

Fusil-mitrailleur mle 1924/29

In de luger.jpg

Pistole 08 "Luger"

In de gr frag.jpg

Stielhandgranate 24

In de mp38-40.jpg

MP 38/40

In fr MLE37.jpg

Lance-grenades de 50 mm mle 37

Standard Infantry Units

Elite Infantry Units

Elite infantry are more fit and burn ATP more slowly than other units, allowing them to sprint for long periods of time.

Airborne (or "Paratrooper")

Tehse units have slightly different equipment than their Standard Infantry counterparts.

American Infantry Units

Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV)

Main article: Armor

List of Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs)

Field Pieces (Anti-Tank and Anti-Aircraft Artillery Weapons)

Trucks and Prime Movers

Air Force Units

Each country has access to between 9 and 11 different aircraft to use in the fight!

'Main article: Air force Aircraft Units Aircraft Weapons

Naval Units

Currently, each country has access to a destroyer, a motor gun boat, and a freighter.

Main article: Navy