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Weapons & Vehicles

All Weapons and Vehicles can be found under the 5 fighting nations- Great Britain, France, United States, Germany and Italy (although for now numbers are limited). These Weapons and Vehicles although are in game they may not be available until a later date, these would be rolled out in Tiers and to see when, you would need to look here. Tiers
Please note, this is a work in progress and over the coming weeks will all be updated.

Equipment is available to those holding the correct Rank, if it is unavailable to you it will be in yellow and if you hover over the unit in the Ready Room it will show you the Rank required.

Allied Forces
British army.png Flag big uk.jpg Great Britain
French army.png Flag big fr.jpg France
American army.png Flag big us.jpg United States
Axis Forces
German army.png Flag big de.jpg Germany

Coming Soon