World War II Online - Major Update (1.35)

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IMMEDIATE ORDERS TO ALL SOLDIERS FROM BOTH COMMANDS- A cease fire has been declared, and both commands have orders their troops to stand down. This cease fire comes as the campaign server will be taken down at 11:00 PM Central (Server Time). The upgrade to 1.35 will take place at that time. Players will be able to download the new clients soon and the training server is ready to allow game play while the campaign server is updated.

At this time we are announcing that the campaign server will be coming off line at 11:00 PM US Central Time (About 40 minutes from the posting of this). We will be moving the campaign server to 1.35. At this time the Training Server has been updated to the 1.35 build and is ready for players to play in that game world while the campaign server is updated.

When the campaign server is closed, we will take a snapshot of all the data for the campaign and it will save it. When 1.35 comes online, the campaign will resume from the point that it was at when the process started.

The 1.35 clients will soon be available for the start of downloading by the players. Once you download this update , you will be able to play in the Training Server during the campaign downtime. Expect the downtime to be a long period of time while the migration happens. Updating the game is not as easy as one may think. It will not be minutes, but hours. If it turns out to be shorter, that will be great, but plan on it taking a while.

The team is working at this moment to make this update as painless as possible. They are wanting to make sure everything is smooth as possible for you, so they will be taking their time to make sure everything is done correctly. Watch the forums for updates and more information as this upgrade takes place.


View the Readme here: Readme 1.35