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The High Command are players that are responsible for the strategic decisions made within the game.

What is the High Command

The High commands are players who have stepped forth from the community to organize and coordinate the battlefield. The High Commands are volunteers. Duties include:

  • Formulating overall strategy
  • Ensuring supply is present at battles (moving flags)
  • Directing the playerbase to 'the action'

To join the AHC - Apply for OCS (Paid accounts only)

Allied News

Allied Headquarters

Allied Forums

The allied forums are a sub-forum of the WWIIOnline forums. In order to access them, you must have a paid account. Within the Allied area of the forums, there are sub-forums:

Allied Open

This forum is view-able to all players.

Allied Secure

This forum requires special permission to view and is intended for use by players who play predominantly allied during the campaign.

There are additional forums for the Allied High Command to use.

About Allied Secure

The Allied Secure forum was established to allow members of the Allied side and the Allied High Command to develop, share, and review strategies and tactics for the battlefield.

This forum is available to any player provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • Active Subscription to WW2OL
  • Agree to only play Allied while they are a member of Allied Secure
  • Promise have fun and be nice to your fellow players

How to join/leave Allied Secure

Step-By-Step instructions:

Click the below link to have your forum permissions adjusted to allow access to the Allied Secure Forum Apply for forum permission

Further questions?

If you are having difficulties with your Secure Forum Access. Please e-mail