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Commanding a Field Piece

Field Pieces are the anti-tank and anti-aircraft artillery guns. There are currently eleven unique guns, although some like the Bofors 40mm AA gun saw service among all sides of the war.

Though some of these weapons, such as the FlaK 36 required a real-life crew of up to 12 men, in game, each gun has two personnel that you control. The Commander and the Gunner.

The Commander

The Commander (position 1) controls the movement and deployment of the weapon. In his position, you can move the weapons position from place to place and choose where to deploy it. Note that some of the heavier guns are very difficult to move without the help of a truck or hauler (sometimes called a "prime mover") . The commander is always equipped with binoculars and can survey the area very quickly.

The Gunner

The Gunner (position 2) controls the aiming and firing of the weapon.

Field Piece Controls

These keyboard commands are the default settings for Field Pieces.

Action Key
Deploy Weapon D (in Commander position)
Move Forward Joystick Forward
Move Backward Joystick Backward
Turn Left Joystick Left
Turn Right Joystick Right
Commander Position 1 on the keyboard
Gunner Position 2 on the keyboard
Zoom View Keypad Decimal (delete)
Look Around Keypad Numbers
Fire Main Gun Joystick Button 1
Change Ammo Type Backspace (in Gunner position)
Ranger Finder (FlaK. 36 only) R (in Commander position)
Decrease Range* Page Up (in Gunner position)
Increase Range* Page Down (in Gunner position)

* Not available on all weapons

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