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A Mobile Spawn Point (MSP) used to use the same principle as an FRU but the spawn point was a truck rather than a separate set of boxes. You may hear the term MSP and FRU used interchangeably but MSPs are no longer used.

A Field Resupply Unit (FRU) is a point where infantry players can spawn from that is much closer to a target than the FB. FRUs can be placed by infantry or trucks. As the name implies, you can also resupply depleted resources like ammunition or satchels at one of these locations.

BritishFRU.jpg FrenchFRU.jpg AxisFRU4.jpg

BritishMSP3.jpg FrenchMSP3.jpg AxisMSP3.jpg


How do I set up an FRU, what type of infantryman and what type, if any, of vehicle?

  • Every infantry class, just need to be mission leader. Press "9" for spade and place it. Trucks can also set FRUs (Opel, laffly etc.). If there is no FRU in the mission, you dont need to be ML with a truck to set one.

What are the rules for doing so?

  • Mission needs to have the right target to place it in range. Not sure about the range, something like 300-350m is the closest point.

If I am killed does the FRU disappear?

  • No, only if you are the only one in mission and you are leaving it.

When it is destroyed how long before I can create another?

  • Around 8 minutes

Are there any rules for deploying them in town?

  • No rules, you can place them where you want if they are far enough from the next enemy depot/AB.

Setting Up An FRU

  • ANY type of INF unit, whether from inf, naval or air brigade (excluding paras) can set up a FRU within 3000m or less from the designated mission target provided there is a direct link between mission origin and target, enemy or friendly. If the target is enemy held town, facility or fb, the FRU must be at least 300m from said enemy target. (Missions with a bridge as a target are not valid for FRU setting).
    • However the INF unit MUST be the Mission Leader to set a FRU.
    • Any truck/halftrack unit (exc morris tractor) can also set up a FRU whether a mission leader or not. However, a non-mission leader truck/ht can only set up a FRU IF there is no existing FRU on the mission already.
    • FRUs can be set in most terrain excluding buildings/ruined buildings, airfields, or when the 'ground is too steep' or 'there is a tree/debris' in the way or on the exact same spot as another (enemy or friendly) FRU. This is indicated when you attempt to set the FRU: you will get a 'green outline/shadow' of the FRU if the spot is good to set; a 'red outline shadow' when the spot is either prohibited or blocked. (Other players or vehicles can also block FRU placement, until/unless they move out of the way/off the intended spot)
AxisFRU1.jpg AxisFRU2.jpg
  • To set the FRU, INF units must be holding the 'shovel' weapon (found by cycling through weapons)- equip the shovel to get the FRU 'shadow' (red or green as the case may be) then click to set.
  • Truck/ht units must be stopped (not moving at all) and then press the 'Z' key to see the 'shadow' press Z again (or just once if stopped) to set the FRU. In both cases a 'do you want to place a FRU here' pop-up will appear requiring a click on 'ok' or using the enter key.
FrenchMSP1.jpg FrenchMSP2.jpg FrenchMSP3.jpg
  • If you (as mission leader) are killed the FRU only disappears if you are a) the only player on the mission and b) you log off of the mission. Otherwise if you die, the FRU remains and you (and other players on mission/joining mission) can spawn at FRU.
  • When an FRU is destroyed by enemy fire/nades/bombs/whatever there is a 10 minute (maybe 7 now?) reset timer. This timer can be seen as a progressing green bar if you are INF mission leader equipped with shovel. There is no visible timer for truck/ht units.
    • When a mission leader DELETES an FRU to reset it elsewhere there is a 7 minute (now 5?) timer.
    • However a mission leader can reset a new FRU, in a new position even if there is a current, existing FRU on the mission, provided the reset time from the original setting of the FRU has passed. This action auto-deletes the previous FRU.
    • A non-mission leader truck/ht unit cannot (as best we know) either delete a FRU or reset a FRU if there is currently an existing FRU on the mission. However this nonML unit could reset a FRU on a mission with a previously destroyed/deleted FRU provided the timer is up.
    • A mission leader can 'pass lead' to another player (.makeleader <name) who could then set a FRU or delete or whatever as the case may be, depending on FRU timers for the mission.
    • A non-mission leader on the same mission whether INF or truck can also assume leadership (.takelead) however the .takelead function also has a timer (different from the FRU timer) which is (we think) 5 minutes. FRU timers apply separately on the overall mission in this case.
    • There is a bug (or not) that often happens wherein a mission leader who has set a FRU on a previous, other, different mission, who then logs/dies/whatever and creates a new mission has the FRU timer carry over, FRUstratingly, onto the new mission.
    • Deploying FRUs in town rules generally follow the overall FRU location notes above, however specifically, and for example:
      • you can set a FRU in a friendly town, next to a friendly facility provided the town/facility is a valid mission target and there are no enemy owned facilities within 300m
      • same goes for an enemy owned town, (for example setting a FRU next to or near a capped army base) provided there are no enemy facilities within 300m
      • this is how, for example FRUs are set behind bunkers, or in a bush next to a depot, or within the back 'haystack' room of a farm bunkers
      • these are often called DFRUS (defensive FRUs) and can be set in towns/bunkers, near depots or in the fields/treelines/bushlines near and around a town, even right beside an enemy FRU, as a defensive measure