New Patch! 1.34.10

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We'll be in intermission by the time you read this, although the servers may still be down for a bit while we prepare for changes. I won't go into a lot of detail because we can't be completely precise but during intermission we plan to release the PC patch to the new release. The Mac will be later on because it still has problems we're working to resolve.

Since this is an ASAP kind of deal, we cannot say exactly when it will happen, and thus we're not sure exactly when intermission will end. We won't release a patch this significant (first after a long time rebuilding the ability to patch at all) while a campaign is running of course. I suspect we will start the new campaign on Monday but really it's a guess because we have to see what happens when a few thousand people download and then log into the servers with the new version of the game.

We're pretty confident about it but also cautious. What really matters is we're finally here. Yay us, yay you, yay everybody ! Our coding, art, community and other folks who fought with us to get here, and of course EVERYBODY in the game community who remains a fan of the game, thank you thank you thank you.


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