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This is where it all begins. Selecting your persona sets up who you will fight for, France, Germany, or Britain, and in what branch of service, Army, Navy, or Air Force. Thus, there are 9 separate personas:

The Persona Select screen allows you to view detailed information on each of your game personas and select one to play. The available personas are listed by country and branch. When you click on a persona your statistics such as current rank, brigade affiliation, and any relevant career notes for that persona are displayed in the info window on the right.

To play a persona, select it with the mouse and click the green button on the bottom of the screen to proceed. You can also double-click the persona to automatically advance to the next screen. If your selected persona does not have a brigade listed in the right hand pane you will go to the brigade selection screen, otherwise you will go directly to your Brigade HQ.

BATTLEGROUND EUROPE has a side timer that prevents you from switching between Axis and Allied personas during an online gaming session. Personas that are not available to you due to recently playing for one side of the conflict will be listed as "On Leave". These personas will become available once you have been logged out of the game for several hours. Personas that are available for play will be listed as "Active Duty". In an effort to balance gameplay, during periods of "overpopulation" the side timer will not affect switching to the underpopulated side.

If at anytime you would like to change the persona you are playing or transfer the brigade of your selected persona, you can do so from the "Brigade HQ" by selecting the "Transfer" button.

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