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When looking at equipment available by rank and tier, you may wish to refer to the Ranks page.

Tiers vs. Cycles

There is an important distinction between Tiers of Equipment and Cycles of production.


  • Grouping of military equipment and units into similar generations. There are 4 tiers of equipment (Tiers 0 through 3).


  • An iteration of production, that effects the number of units available to brigades. A cycle is completed with the production facilities of countries completes and RDP quota. There is no limit to the number of cycles that can occur in a campaign.

Example: Tier 3 (the 4th tier because tier and cycle numbering beings with zero) introduces the Tiger, the Sherman 76 and the Churchill Mk VII. They enter the game in Cycle 3. When Cycle 4 happens, the only thing that changes is the number of those vehicles available to army brigades.

Exact numbers available in a cycle is occasionally tweaked by the game management staff to balance game play.

Equipment Tiers


Air Force


  • Navy Tiers (currently does not change with the tier)