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Version (12-23-2004)


  • -Minor flight profile adjustments for new fighters, windtunnel complete
  • -Fixed missing fuel tank in Fw190
  • -Adjusted roll rate of P38
  • -Adjusted rudder speed of P38
  • -Adjusted horizontal stabilizer compression of P38
  • -Adjusted load out on SpitIX
  • -Adjusted manifold pressure on P38 and Fw190


  • -Fixed oject related CTD
  • -Fixed sound CTD

Version (12-22-2004)


  • -Completed flight modelling for new fighters
  • -Fixed flaps on P38
  • -Fixed missing exhust emitter on Fw190


  • -Fixed CTDs

Version (12-21-2004)


  • -Added Fw190 A/4 (Offline only ready for RDP)
  • -Added Lockheed 322-15/P-38F (Offline only ready for RDP)
  • -Added Spitfire Mk IX (Offline only ready for RDP)
  • -Added Ju52 3m
  • -Added auto pilot to planes by pressing the <A> key, the plane must be in level flight to activate and will deactivate if the flight profile cannot be maintained
  • -Added ability to deploy as mobile spawn point for infantry to trucks by pressing <D>
  • -Added mobile spawning deploy to Bedford OY
  • -Added mobile spawning deploy to Laffly S20
  • -Added mobile spawning deploy to SdKfz 251c
  • -Added mobile spawning deploy to Opel Blitz
  • -Updated sounds for 251c
  • -Updated sounds for Sdkfz7
  • -Updated sounds for P38t
  • -Updated sounds for PzIV D and G
  • -Fixed fuel tanks on PzIVG
  • -Fixed LOD issue on Sherman
  • -Fixed mirrored flags on Sherman
  • -Fixed crew clipping views on Sherman
  • -Fixed a couple of state issues with the Sherman
  • -Fixed driver/gunner damage models not deploying
  • -Fixed a bug with towing
  • -Fixed bug causing some ground vehicles to have blackouts
  • -Fixed Stug3g art issue

Ju52 3m:

  • -Added Axis and Allied placeholder variants
    • --Allied Variants will be replaced with new aircraft in an upcoming release
  • -Added binocular view to copilot (. key)
  • -Pilot has ability to open cabin door and turn jump light from red to green (O key)
  • -Infantry may join the plane and exit by using the (J key)
  • -Added code to prevent infantry exiting plane in flight and falling to their death
  • -It can be noisy back there, use .Y (short for .yell) to area chat to your fellow passengers


  • -Hitting 'a' in an aircraft will attempt to engage the autopilot
  • -Must be straight and level at constant speed to engage autopilot
  • -Autopilot will attempt to hold heading and altitude within some limits
  • -Autopilot will disengage if the envelope is broached for instance, you can adjust your speed but too great an adjustment will cause autopilot to disengage


  • -Added several new contextual death animations
  • -Fixed a bug where weapons could be reloaded while cycling
  • -Disabled the scream sound for troopers falling
  • -Added paratroop deployments
  • -Added French Paratroops
  • -Added British Paratroops
  • -Added German Paratroops
  • -Added the "JUMP" combat emote ctrl + 6 though paratroopers should wait for the green light before jumping as the emote may not be heard by everyone in the plane
  • -Changed Commander avatar loadouts to reflect SMG loadouts


  • -Paratroopers are deployed units and can be moved as all deployed units
  • -Paratroopers have the following load out
    • --SMG
    • --Pistol
    • --Grenades
    • --Smoke grenades
    • --combat knife
    • --Satchel charge
    • --Ammo can
    • --Binoculars
  • -Paratroopers spawn with a loaded parachute and have increased stamina costs
  • -Paratroopers lose their chute after jumping from a transport plane and landing
  • -Paratroopers are highly trained and have better ATP (stamina) once they are free of their chutes
  • -Paratroopers can rotate during descent using the Q and E keys
  • -Paratroops cannot move, fire or reload during descent
  • -Paratroops only have one chute deploy per spawn
  • -Paratroops will die if they drop from less than 200m, watch for the pilots signal before jumping
  • -The minimum safe jump height for paratroopers is 200m
  • -Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from all at Cornered Rat Software ==)

Jump procedure:

  • -Paratroopers should wait for the green light from the pilot before jumping
  • -Once this green light is lit, the cabin door will open
  • -Paratroopers should then fire off the "JUMP" emote ctrl+6 and jump J key.

Mobile Spawning:

  • -Infantry movers can now become the mobile spawn point for their mission by pressing the <d> key
  • -Infantry can now deploy to a mobile spawn point on their mission
  • -Added a mobile spawn available icon to the mission select screen
  • -Added a new Mobile Spawn launch button to the mission briefing room
  • -Bridges are not a valid target for a mobile spawn
  • -Vehicles will not move once deployed
  • -If the vehicle is deployed, "Vehicle Deployed" appears with the other readouts on upper left screen
  • -Once a vehicle is deployed, there can be no undeploy for 60 seconds
  • -Cannot redeploy a vehicle for 60 seconds after undeploying


  • -select a mission with a green truck icon
  • -when spawning select mobile spawn launch button if it is available

Defensive Mobile Spawning Rules for Deploying the Truck:

  • -The mission target and origin are (or are in) the same Choke Point (town) or the target is an open enemy FB inbound to the origin CP
  • -You must own the facility from which the mission originates
  • -You must be within 1300m of the target facility
  • -You must be 300m or more away from any enemy facility
  • -Each mission can only have one deployed mobile spawn at a time

Offensive Mobile Spawning Rules for Deploying the Truck:

  • -In addition to the rules above, these rules must be met when the target CP and origin CP are not the same
  • -Mission target Choke Point is enemy owned, controlled or both
  • -There must be a depot*to*depot link between the origin and target CP
  • -The enemy does not have an open firebase on the link

Mobile Spawn Deployment with Trucks:

  • -Area Attack== Must be within 1300m of a facility in the target CP
  • -Point Attack== Must be within 1300m of your target facility
  • -Must be 300m or more away from any enemy held facility

Despawn Timer:

  • -Added despawn timer to disallow players from escaping a killing shot
  • -Dead infantry are immune to the despawn timer
  • -Multi crew joiners are immune to the despawn timer


  • -Updated airport barracks to new model to stop spawning in roof
  • -Added smoke emitters to firebases
  • -Added smoke emitters to depot army base garages
  • -Added smoke emitters to new churches
  • -Added smoke emitters to new cloisters
  • -Added smoke emitters to new office (flag) buildings
  • -Added new city building (long with courtyard)
  • -Added statistical HE model to all AA AI


  • -Added debris smoke
  • -Debris smoke fades over time as building is rebuilt


  • -Added .R as a "command" to chat
  • -Typing .R followed by a space auto fills the chat buffer with ".r <handle>" where <handle> is the chat handle of the last person (not yourself) to send you a .m message
  • -/r now works like .r


  • -Host now sends notice of squad mates tuning in to the squad channel
    • --You only see logins for your current side


  • -Adjusted sound volume on AA AI
  • -Updated translations for German and Spanish
  • -Fixed problem that could cause vehicle reservations to be unexpectedly lost
  • -Added builders icon
  • -Added paratrooper deployment icon
  • -Updated translations
  • -Added code to reduce "#####" messages
  • -If a string in a foreign language is not found, it will attempt to find it with the English language

Special thanks to Keyler and Arggh for life-saving pizza while we were in the deepest, darkest point of 1.18 development.