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Version 1.19.7 (09-19-05)


  • -Fixed a cause for CTD

Version 1.19.6 (09-15-05)


  • -Fixed rotate issue with trees
  • -Fixed some installer issues in preparation for delivering GOLD to publishers for Battleground Europe

Version 1.19.5 (08-11-05)


  • -Fixed inf patches showing black borders


  • -Fixed a bug with obscured tank sights (gray screen)
  • -Fixed twin engine props being too dark when spinning


  • -Adjusted tree colliders
  • -Updated player memorial
  • -Fixed shading anomalie with barracks objects
  • -Fixed open ocean appearing dark on the map
  • -Fixed a performance bug with trees
  • -Added all new trees



  • -Added "Play Battleground Europe" shortcut to install folder which launches the web page and launches PlayGATE


  • -Added new desktop shortcut to PlayGATE installer titled "Play Battleground Europe"
  • -Added new shortcut to Start menu/Programs/Cornered Rat Software/Battleground Europe titled "Play Online"
  • -These will launch PlayGATE and then login to the live server


  • -Added PlayGATE installer to the patch installer to add the shortcuts mentioned above
  • -You will need to run PlayGATE Installer to use the new shortcuts
  • -Added new icons
  • -Added new faceplate to settings.exe
  • -Added DX9 support


  • -The previous full install shortcuts will not be uninstalled at this time
  • -If you participated in the test of 1.19.5 you can uninstall the software using the add/remove programs application or on a mac, drag the Test App to the trash.


  • -Updated all translations


  • -Fixed British troops to have correct Webley .455 cal revolver
  • -Fixed lowercase blenheim description
  • -Fixed D.520 armament section starting with a square
  • -Fixes Char B1 bis description
  • -Fixed installer not clearing destination directory text on custom selection
  • -Fixed Spelling error for "Specil Weapons
  • -Fixed Blenheim misspellings
  • -Fixed "Hurricane Mk. 1I"
  • -Fixed "you are....mission\r\n"
  • -Fixed extra carrage return in Mle47
  • -Removed "." in Sd.Kfz 7


  • -New OpenAL to fix several outstanding sound issues

Version 1.19.4 (07-29-05)


  • -Reduced plane external volume sounds


  • -Fixed stars not displaying at night


  • -Fixed auto-reconnect system
  • -A message "SYSTEM: ########" will be displayed after a successful auto-reconnect
  • -Reduced stutters caused by auto-reconnection
  • -Reduced auto-reconnection time, on most connections auto-reconnect should take under 750ms
  • -Fixed a possible CTHL after attempting auto-reconnect
  • -Removed performance-reducing CTHL diagnostic code
  • -Fixed a bug that could cause you to become invisible to other players but also unable to interact with the world or them


  • -Added "/orders" command
  • -Mission leaders can use "/orders my orders here" to set current mission orders
  • -Current mission orders are displayed to all players entering a mission
  • -New orders are sent to all players currently on the mission
  • -Mission leaders can use "/orders clear" to remove the current orders
  • -Non-leaders can type "/orders" to view current, if any, mission orders


  • -Reduced the minimum time between brigade home changes from 24 hours to 1 hour

Spawn List:

  • -Changed spawn list code to list all vehicles regardless of rank requirements
  • -Rank requirements still apply for reserving/spawning a vehicle
  • -Vehicles you do not currently have access to will display as 0 current
  • -Next release will grey-out unavailable vehicles and set a tooltip to explain why they are unavailable


  • -Fixed auto-reconnect system
  • -Fixed an issue with callsigns in /who and some other situations displaying incorrectly
  • -Fixed an issue with [new] captures not being list for the correct players in CSR
  • -Fixed a memory leak issue on the strat-updates host
  • -Fixed a crash issue in the strat-updates host
  • -Fixed a cause for joker-flags in the strat-updates host
  • -Fixed a cause for joker-flags in the world-updates host
  • -Fixed a bug that could cause you to become unable to damage cultural objects (buildings/ai)


  • - We have made several physical changes to our server and router hardware to solve the main causes of CTHL

Version 1.19.3 (07-21-05)


  • -Fixed at/aa gun turning


  • -Fixed a connection issue
  • -Fixed an issue with the reconnect code
  • -Fixed a rank based CTD


  • -Fixed an issue with mac sound volumes

Version 1.19.2 (07-13-05)


  • -Added fuselage visible damage to all fighter aircraft
  • -Fixed a bug with penetration on AA rounds
  • -Fixed a bug with bomb shrapnel generation


  • -Added mission posting ability to NCO ranks


  • -Added new scoring system
  • -Score is now based on kills, tasks and RTB status
  • -All kills are scored as a relative value of your vehicle based on RDP
  • -Kills of equal value are worth 10 points
  • -Kills have a maximum value of 40 points each
  • -Tasks are scored as follows:
    • 1 point for each infantry that mobile spawns
    • 1 point for damaging enemy AI
    • 10 points for damaging ABO bridge(s)
    • 10 points for repairing DBO bridge(s)
    • 10 points for damaging factory(s)
    • 10 points for damaging firebase(s)
  • -Final score is modified by your RTB status
    • 100% of score if RTB
    • 90% of score if rescued
    • 75% of score if MIA
    • 50% of score if KIA
  • -All score is rounded to the nearest whole number


  • -Added checkbox to show/hide inactive brigades
  • -Brigade select now shows only active brigades by default
  • -If a players brigade is inactive he will be sent to brigade select
  • -Officers can activate a brigade by joining it and creating a mission
  • -Non-officers cannot join inactive brigades
  • -Fixed a bug that would allow the client to miss the brigade list
  • -Dropped missions and population from brigade selection -> brigades list
  • -Added objective to the brigade selection -> brigades list
  • -Added tasks to the AAR
  • -Added tooltips to various items in the UI
  • -Added objective cp label to brigade selection page
  • -Added map to brigade selection page
  • -Brigade selection page map now center's on brigade objective, otherwise brigade home, otherwise none


  • -Added /who <player> (only works for squad mate currently)


  • -Fixed cause for CTHL
  • -Fixed reconnect code
  • -Fixed several login issues (many thanks to the players who assisted us in tracking this issue)


  • -Fixed Mac infantry FPS issues
  • -Fixed several Mac sound issues


  • -Added support for back dial wheel on Saitek x45

Version 1.19.1 (06-28-05)


  • -Fixed CaMle38 ammo counter


  • -Fixed an issue with spawning at Metz


  • -Fixed some issues with cursor and <alt + esc>
  • -Fixed some issues with cursor visible state


  • -Fixed a cause of some warping/lost packets
  • -Added additional feedback during login process
  • -Improved error reporting if a login error occurs


  • -Fixed multi texture issues
  • -Fixed an OpenAL crash
  • -New config app
  • -Now building with XCode

Version 1.19.0 (06-22-05)


  • -Added new infantry FPS arms and retextured hands
  • -Added Officer (Mission Leader) avatars for Britain, France and Germany
  • -Command avatars will now show regardless of infantry load out chosen
  • -Officer (Mission Leader) avatars will now show regardless of infantry load out chosen
  • -Added decals for "Day 1" support
  • -Added collar tabs on German infantry tunic
  • -Replaced old idle animation with 3 random animations
  • -Added new weapon mesh for MAS38
  • -Added new weapon mesh for g30
  • -Added new weapon mesh for k98k
  • -Added new weapon mesh for Enfield
  • -Added new weapon mesh for vb
  • -Added new third person German grenade model
  • -Added new infantry death sounds
  • -Added third person map reading animation
  • -Added new map object in third person
  • -Added new infantry death sounds
  • -Added new detailed footfall sounds
  • -Added new strafing animations
  • -Added new crouching animations
  • -Added crouch sprint
  • -Added animations to swimming backwards
  • -Added new loop timing to reduce skating
  • -Added new smoothing code to infantry animations based on velocity
  • -Added fire-button-holdown for ATR so you can delay recycles
  • -Added mouse wheel up/down as alternates for next/previos weapon to the default infantry.cfml file
  • -Audited all grenades for explosive energy, shrapnel dispersion, and shrapnel range with stat HE as the base
  • -Added new Axis knife
  • -Changed ATR ATP behavior match that of the LMG, Sprint allowed, at double cost
  • -Troopers will now stop moving when the map is up
  • -Third person infantry now face the direction of their velocity
  • -Fixed a bug where infantry could walk on water
  • -Fixed long-standing bugs with ATR walk/move states
  • -Fixed crouch/model rotate issue that was making the feet float off the ground
  • -Fixed a bug that could cause infantry units to delay being drawn
  • -Fixed a long standing bug where infantry eye points would stutter when no moving north or south


  • -Added decal support to all vehicles except AT/AA guns
  • -Added historical sights to Stug commander and gunner
  • -Added armored glass to Daimler
  • -Added GP500 bombs to Hurricane II
  • -Added synched rate of fire to H81 and Bell14A machine guns
  • -Added HE to 2Pdr ATG
  • -Added HE to all 6pdr guns
  • -Added concussive resistance to all airplanes
  • -Added statistical shrapnel model to bombs
  • -Added oil pressure gauge to Spit I, Spit V and Spit IX
  • -Added some missing oil, radiator or transmission components to Crusader II
  • -Added some missing oil, radiator or transmission components PzIV
  • -Added some missing oil, radiator or transmission components Stug
  • -Added some missing oil, radiator or transmission components SdKfz 232
  • -Added some missing oil, radiator or transmission components A13
  • -Added some missing oil, radiator or transmission components H39
  • -Added some missing oil, radiator or transmission components R35
  • -Added fuselage blanking for guns to Bf110c
  • -Added fuselage blanking for guns to BF110c4
  • -Added fuselage blanking for guns to Ju87b2
  • -Added fuselage blanking for guns to He111
  • -Added fuselage blanking for guns to Blen Mk I
  • -Added new props (for sun glare)
  • -Adjusted ammo boxes on Fw190 to be consistent with other planes
  • -Adjusted ammo boxes on Hurricane II to be consistent with other planes
  • -Audited component mass and inertia for Crusader II
  • -Audited component mass and inertia for PzIV
  • -Audited component mass and inertia for Stug
  • -Audited component mass and inertia for R35
  • -Audited component mass and inertia for H39
  • -Audited component mass and inertia for S35
  • -Audited all turret traverse rates for historical records and consistency
  • -Audited Qf2pdr rate of fire to match historical record
  • -Audited roll rate for Db7 to match historical record
  • -Audited roll rate for Havoc to match historical record
  • -Audited D520 flight model
  • -Audited cowl gun load out and ballast weight on Fw190 (now 9oo RPG)
  • -Audited all propellers to have consistent damage levels by type
  • -Audited all .50cal MGs
  • -Audited down angle of rear gun in the BF110 series as gun was mounted on vertical adjustable coming
  • -Audited firewall in PzIV
  • -Audited firewall in Stug
  • -Audited firewall in SdKfz 232
  • -Audited firewall in Char
  • -Audited firewall in PzIV
  • -Audited firewall in Sherman
  • -Audited firewall in Vickers
  • -Audited firewall in Crusader
  • -Audited firewall in A13
  • -Audited firewall in Char
  • -Audited firewall in S35
  • -Audited firewall in R35
  • -Audited firewall in Stuart
  • -Audited firewall in H39
  • -Audited armor values in P38
  • -Audited PzIV floor armor values
  • -Audited armor values for Sherman driver hatches
  • -Audited armor value for Matilda front drivers slit
  • -Audited Flak 30 fuse timing to match other AA guns
  • -Audited crew damage objects in 6pdr
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Bofors
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Qf2pdr
  • -Audited crew damage objects in M157
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Mle25
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Mle38
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Mle47
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Flak 30
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Flak 36
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Pak 36
  • -Audited crew damage objects in Pak 38
  • -Fixed oil and temperature gauges in Crusader II
  • -Fixed oil, fuel and temperature gauges in PzIV
  • -Fixed oil, fuel and temperature gauges in Stug
  • -Fixed oil, fuel and temperature gauges in SdKfz 232
  • -Fixed oil, fuel and temperature gauges in Vickers
  • -Fixed engine sound location bug for Crusader II
  • -Fixed engine sound location bug for PzIV
  • -Fixed engine sound location bug for Stug III
  • -Fixed engine sound location bug for SdKfz 232
  • -Fixed a leak display bug in Crusader I and II
  • -Fixed a leak display bug in Stug III B & G
  • -Fixed a leak display bug in PzIV F & H
  • -Fixed a leak display bug in Pz IIc
  • -Fixed a leak display bug in Pz38t
  • -Fixed gauges on PzIIIF
  • -Fixed gauges on PzIIIH
  • -Fixed tank tread and sprocket on A13
  • -Fixed tank tread and sprocket on Crusader II
  • -Fixed tank tread and sprocket on Crusader III
  • -Fixed tank tread and sprocket on Char B1 Bis
  • -Fixed tank tread and sprocket on s35
  • -Fixed tank tread and sprocket on SdKfz 251 c
  • -Fixed a threshold on crew in the M4a2 that was not consistent
  • -Fixed gun sight deploy in SdKfz 232
  • -Fixed bow gun range adjusting from main gun sight in Pz38(t)
  • -Fixed ride point issue on PzIVG
  • -Fixed PzIVG target reticule display bug
  • -Fixed PzIVG turret "bustle" not showing hit effects
  • -Fixed PzIVG interior art (hand cranks) anomaly
  • -Fixed StuG IIIG commander’s periscope view anomaly/bug
  • -Fixed Vickers turret crew not rotating with turret bug
  • -Fixed SdKfz 232 crew clipping outside bug
  • -Fixed R35 control pedals (driver) reversed
  • -Fixed Crusader II art "flicker" interior texture
  • -Fixed armor leak on hull top for Stug III
  • -Fixed handling errors in Bedford OY
  • -Fixed track errors on Stuart
  • -Fixed LOD range problem on all Ju-52 models
  • -Fixed P-38 damage error in left radiator
  • -Fixed long standing multicrew bug where joiner would warp to the center of the earth
  • -Fixed DDE EWS bug
  • -Fixed Stuka tail gunner tracer
  • -Fixed damage object issues on Flak 36
  • -Fixed jitters on all tracked vehicles
  • -Fixed several reported orphan canopy sounds on aircraft
  • -Stug gun sight is now controlled completely with the deploy command ('d' key)
  • -Removed "backspace", hatch and canopy controls from position 2 of He111
  • -Removed French Flags from Sherman
  • -Removed texture reduction for virtual cockpits
  • -Removed unnecessary hatch sounds in Checked in Daimler
  • -Removed unnecessary hatch sounds in Checked in Panhard
  • -Removed unnecessary hatch sounds in Checked in SdKfz232
  • -Removed unnecessary hatch sounds in Checked in StuG IIIg
  • -Increased bomber EWS range
  • -Increased tank EWS range
  • -Increase truck EWS range
  • -Decreased AT/AA gun EWS range
  • -Plane distance indicators now draw to 6km


  • -Added new rank structure
  • -Added new rank names for each country and branch
  • -Increased the total number of available ranks to allow for enlisted, officer and command tiers
  • -All players will retain the current rank level though the name of the rank may change
  • -Binocular and vehicle access rank *levels* have not changed so you will not lose your binos


  • -All personas will now be able to select a brigade from which to post or take missions
  • -Players can transfer between brigades easily


  • -Missions now require the poster to lead the mission (Officer)
  • -Officers can exit the mission but it will not be available to join to other players
  • -Officers returning to the mission will reactivate the mission
  • -Officers can only post and lead one mission at a time
  • -Missions will no longer be deleted when their origin is captured
  • -Removed Priority from missions
  • -Missions can be Active, Inactive or Closed.
  • -Mission is active whenever the poster is on it.
  • -Mission becomes inactive if the poster leaves it without requesting to close it.
  • -Players cannot join someone else's mission unless it is active (officer present).
  • -If the mission leader exits his mission he is given the option to close it.
  • -If the mission leader exits his mission and does not return in 5 minutes, it will be closed automatically.
  • -Once a mission has been closed it remains in the system until the last player exits.
  • -Players (including the leader) cannot join or respawn on a closed mission.
  • -Mission leaders who have an inactive mission when entering the game will be returned to the mission and it will become active

Mobile Spawning:

  • -Increased minimum distance from enemy facility to 400m


  • -Isolated CPs (no friendly links) will have no resupply
  • -Pockets of CPs (friendly linked but cut off) with no link back to a friendly factory receive a much slower resupply rate

User Interface (UI):

  • -Added new offline UI
  • -Added ability to spawn at various locations while offline
  • -Added new loading screen and progress bar
  • -Added random spawn screens with game tips
  • -Added persona based UI
  • -Added brigade selection and transfer tool
  • -Added brigade HQ
  • -Added new mission briefing room
  • -Added capacity and available information to vehicle selectors
  • -Added new streamlined multi crew functionality (further work pending)
  • -Added new game time format (Campaign #, Day #, Time ##:##)
  • -Added new chat window
  • -Added new list of all players on a mission
  • -Added new rank icons to mission player list
  • -Added new launch screen with random tips
  • -Added new keymapper
  • -Added new AAR (after-action report) functionality to review recent sorties
  • -Added promotion feedback to AAR
  • -Added ability to double click many items for faster navigation
  • -Removed the "mission success" feedback as it has no bearing on score


  • -Added new keymapper

Heads Up Display (HUD):

  • -Added new health and ATP indicators
  • -Added state indicator for infantry
  • -Added new weapon indicators for infantry and crew
  • -Added new mini map
  • -Replaced cursor activation with a hold down ('alt')


  • -Added new unified map to all game maps
  • -Added new building icons
  • -Added click zoom/center to map icons
  • -Added city finder to all maps
  • -Added home and end functionality to chat/city finder
  • -Added close in zoom with buildings
  • -Fixed terrain offset issue
  • -Using the map now enters modal cursor mode where cursor is focused on the HUD and not on the persona
  • -Main map facility names now only show at low levels to help with information clutter at higher levels


  • -Added ability to increase chat window size with a button
  • -Added chat tracking for more chat history
  • -Added 2 new slots for a total of 6 channels
  • -Radio slots will stay tuned to a particular channel type until a player manually detunes them
  • -When no channel is available for a particular radio, instead of detuning it will turn off receive
  • -Changed the default order of radio channels to be:
    • F1=mission

The mission channel is for coordination and communication between the mission leader and those players on the mission.

    • F2=Target

The target channel is for coordination across branches and missions who share the same mission target. This channel should be reserved for important communications and is the primary channel for mission leaders to coordinate with their peers.

    • F3=Brigade

The brigade channel is the general non-tactical chat channel for the brigade members.

    • F4=Squad

The squad channel is for communications between members of player-organized squads.

  • -Added new ignore features:
    • --type .ignore (player name) to ignore a player.
    • --type .ignore to see who is on your ignore list.
    • --type .ignore (player name) again to un-ignore someone.
    • --Player's ignore list is now saved
  • -Added ".5" and ".6" channel shortcuts
  • -Added "Side" channels
  • -Added "Help!" channel in place of "99"
  • -Removed theatre and world lobby channels
  • -Can tune to channel types by entering type "brigade", "mission", "origin", etc.
  • -Added scroll bar to chat
  • -Chat now only auto scrolls if the chat was already scrolled to the end.
  • -Chat now scrolls for 256 lines of history


  • -Added new reference manuals format for vehicles (more to come)


  • -Added new CP: Remagen (Germany
  • -Added new CP: Unkel (Germany)
  • -Added new CP: Velbert (Germany)
  • -Added new CP: Vohwinkel (Germany)
  • -Added new CP: Kurten (Germany)
  • -Added new CP: Overath (Germany)
  • -Added new CP: Lohmar (Germany)
  • -Added new CP: Cayeux (France)
  • -Added new CP: Essertaux (France)
  • -Added new CP: Picquigny (France)
  • -Added new CP: Poix-de-Picardie (France)
  • -Added new CP: Airaines (France)
  • -Added new CP: Oisemont (France)
  • -Added new CP: Fressenneville (France)
  • -Added new CP: Moreuil (France)
  • -Added new CP: Bouchoir (France)
  • -Added new CP: Chaulnes (France)
  • -Added new CP: Roye (France)
  • -Added new CP: Avricourt (France)
  • -Added new CP: Ham (France)
  • -Added new CP: Noyon (France)
  • -Added new CP: Chauny (France)
  • -Added new CP: Wickenby (UK)(airfield only)
  • -Added new CP: Hastings (UK)
  • -Added new CP: Winchelsea (UK)
  • -Added new CP: Rye (UK)
  • -Added new CP: Dungeness (UK)
  • -Added new CP: Woodchurch (UK)
  • -Added cross channel links
  • -Added FlaK corridors on approaches to industrial regions (all countries) so that bombers “pick up FlaK” well before they can see their targets
  • -Added new supply crates art
  • -Added new skins for urban buildings
  • -Added new facility signage
  • -Added new shaders based water
  • -Added setting to support shaders for new water
  • -Audited AI damage values to reflect changes to grenades
  • -Audited AI FlaK (20mm, 40mm and especially 75 and 88mm) to be effective at higher altitudes and longer ranges
  • -Audited 20mm AI to attack targets of opportunity
  • -Audited all AI rebuilds to double their previous time
  • -Fixed missing multi texture on forest road tiles
  • -Fixed coasts showing blue banks
  • -Fixed error for trees when using system ram setting
  • -Fixed a clipping issue with crates in the supply tent
  • -Adjusted ambient lighting values
  • -Adjusted colors on trees
  • -Adjusted colors on grass
  • -Adjusted colors on roadside brush
  • -Adjusted colors on airfield
  • -Reduced brightness of daytime sky color and deepened blue/gray tones
  • -Reduced brightness of horizon colors and deepened blue/gray tomes
  • -Increased Daytime Ambient light values
  • -Improved terrain rendering routines
  • -Replaced remaining old trees with SpeedTrees
  • -Updated the depot shack
  • -Disabled shaders based water when multi-texture is disabled in settings
  • -Updated 2 city buildings (hotels)
  • -Updated memorial
  • -Updated names to Dinant Builders' Bridge
  • -Updated new builders statues with captions
  • -Remodeled barracks to prevent access from outside
  • -Removed railings from rivers


  • -Added hand cranked gear for elevate (all geared gun elevate/depress)
  • -Added hand cranked gear for traverse (all hand cranked AFV turrets and all ATG/AAA, deck gun on Fairmile and torpedo tubes on DD’s)
  • -Added hydraulic powered traverse (all hydraulic power traverse AFV turrets and 5” guns on DD’s)
  • -Added electric powered traverse (all electric power traverse AFV turret’s)
  • -Added turret ring gear rumble (all turreted tanks and armored cars only)
  • -Added new infantry death sounds
  • -Added new detailed footfall sounds
  • -Added new detailed sounds for numerous weapons
  • -Added new sounds for various explosions
  • -Added new hit and ricochet sounds
  • -Added weapon switch sound to HUD
  • -Added sound to cycling of weapons using the mouse wheel
  • -Fixed Doppler bug with trooper sounds for 2d/3d
  • -Fixed PZII reload sound to match reload speed
  • -Fixed Char reload sound to match reload speed
  • -Fixed MG reload sound to match reload speed

Cannon Sounds:

  • -New German 75mm L48 / L43 sounds
  • -New US M3 75mm sound
  • -New UK Qf6pdr sound
  • -New 20mm sounds for all units
  • -New Bedford sound
  • -New Stuka siren
  • -New mp40 sound
  • -Adjusted 40mm Bofors
  • -New Distant Firing sounds for: Char 75mm, PzIVD, Pz4G, Stug3B, Stug3G, M4A2, and Flak36
  • -Removed engine volume factor in calculating external effect sounds, external explosions/hits should be more pronounced

MG sounds:

  • -Adjusted H81 .50
  • -Adjusted Hispano
  • -Adjusted Mg17
  • -Adjusted .50 caliber
  • -Added torpedo sounds
  • -Adjusted .303 Besa (synced 1st and 3rd person - adjusted quality)
  • -New .30 M1919A4
  • -Adjusted Mg34 for all units.

Small Arms Sounds:

  • -New Mas36
  • -New Mas38
  • -Adjusted Bren
  • -New K98
  • -New Mle24
  • -Adjusted Mp40
  • -New Lee Enfield
  • -Adjusted Thompson
  • -New Thompson/Mp40 reloads
  • -Adjusted Rifle reloads

Misc Sounds:

  • -Added music to the UI
  • -Added Dynamic Trooper Footsteps
  • -New Turret Sounds - Hydraulic, Hand Crank, Electric
  • -New Footsteps - Concrete, Wood, Metal, Dirt, Dirt Road, Sand
  • -Added sound for smoke grenades
  • -Added Air Raid siren for multiple bomber EWS
  • -Added Radio ambiance
  • -Added trail sounds for ALL automatic weapons
  • -New first person hits
  • -New Opel engine
  • -New 232 engine
  • -Added third person death screams
  • -New ricochet sounds for concrete
  • -New fabric hit sounds
  • -New wood hit sounds
  • -New AT push sounds (first person only)
  • -New knife sounds
  • -Added burning sounds for tanks
  • -Added starter sound for all trucks


  • -Added new torpedo wake
  • -Added light distortion on glass, which now works in planes
  • -Added sun glare
  • -Removed smoke trail on thrown smoke grenades
  • -Made smoke more sporadic on detonation
  • -Added pop/fizz sounds to smoke grenades
  • -Added trailing sounds to several weapons (20mm, lmg, smg, etc.)
  • -Corrected which sound is playing for the sight adjust


  • -Added new vehicle info flags (for player icons)
    • --Added "in my brigade"
    • --Added "in my mission"
    • --Added "is my mission leader"
  • -Increased the client and host update rates
  • -Improved the terrain loading and distribution on the host
  • -Restructured the way the strat server tells the rest of the servers about the game world to minimize load spiking
  • -".attack", ".defend", ".clear" will now accept a facility and assume you mean the parent cp
  • -Replaced 80% of the map/mission system with entirely new code (watch this space -KFS1)
  • -Fixed some problems with manual resupply
  • -Fixed some problems with chat tuning
  • -Fixed a problem with the map host recovering players from the game world after a map crash
  • -Fixed a couple of strat update bugs
  • -Fixed a cause of lost sortie results on CTD
  • -Fixed some issues with mission scoring
  • -Fixed a cause for yellow flags
  • -Fixed an update issue with multi crew
  • -Fixed a major cause of multi-crew yellow flags
  • -Fixed a cause of missing kill recording
  • -Fixed a cause of incorrect multicrew recording (to CSR)
  • -Fixed a cause of lost kill recording (to CSR)
  • -Fixed a cause of incorrect kill recording (to CSR)
  • -Fixed several host performance issues which should improve overall game response to data
  • -Fixed a bug that could cause manual objective removal to apply its rules to the wrong objective
  • -Fixed a bug that could cause the chat server to cuss when sending an invalid time interval
  • -Fixed a bug that allowed any number of attack objectives to be placed
  • -Fixed a bug with mission info showing incorrectly post debrief
  • -Fixed a host stability bug causing crashes every 4-6 weeks
  • -Fixed a bug that could cause auto-despawns


  • Added an extra level of EWS that indicates a heavy enemy presence
  • Added new kill scoring system to give credit for kills caused by fires
  • Added ability to disable rank limits on vehicles for scenarios
  • Added performance improvements to texture handling
  • Added new texture compression routines for decreased stutters
  • Improved loading of non-rotated terrain objects to reduce stutter
  • Improved performance of lighting engine
  • Changed method of rendering trees for performance improvement
  • Fixed an effects related cause for stutters
  • Fixed a collision bug with trees


  • Added water enable/disable under the visual tab
  • Fixed bug where selecting High Quality would set sounds to 2d instead of 3d
  • Added selection for 2d sounds to aid performance a low-end systems (Mac is 3d always)
  • Removed option to disable shaders for trees (Windows only)
  • Added music volume slider


  • Fixed visual anomalies where vehicle components might appear blue
  • Fixed possible icon and window rearrangement that can happen when playing the game
  • Modernized cursor management to detach cursor movement tracking of mouse when it is hidden and centers mouse when shown so it is quick to find
  • Added the ability to command-tab out of the game

Mac PlayGATE:

  • Added new Mac PlayGATE
  • Fixed download looping issues
  • Added preference option to pause and un-pause iTunes when playing the game
  • Added preference option to quit or not the application that is used to launch PlayGATE (i.e. web-browser)
  • Added Menu option to trigger game update as needed without launching the game
  • Added Automatic chaining of patch downloads and launching the game once patched as needed

Mac Config App:

  • Added support for FSAA (full screen anti-aliasing), see display panel for options
  • Added support for locking frame rate to screen refresh
  • Added ability to disable the capturing of all displays for those with multiple monitors.
  • Added sound quality settings for 3D sound render, see sound panel for options.
  • Added the ability to force stereo output from the 3D sound render for those with multi-channel capable hardware but without the needed speakers, etc.
  • Added the ability to convert sounds when loaded to a native format, which can reduce CPU utilization when doing 3D sound rendering at the cost of higher memory usage.

We'd like to give special thanks to the following for their work on Battleground Europe:

  • Mike Patti for sounds
  • Iñigo Zapata for music
  • Snoop for videos
  • Andrew Wulf for Mac support
  • Shawn Ericson for Mac support
  • Sebastian Till for OpenGl support