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Version 1.21.4 (1-26-06)


  • - Continued shrapnel improvments
  • - Fixed 'interior' lighting issues with vehicles


  • - Fixed lighting issue with some grass fields appearing dark
  • - Fixed an instance of disappearing grass


  • - Fixed a cause of invisible players
  • - Fixed a problem whereby an occupied factory would block pass-thru of the occupiers supply

Version 1.21.3 (1-23-06)


  • - Fixed missing bomb mount in BlenIV
  • - Fixed some turret elevation times that missed the audit


  • - Fixed a bug that would result in a launch error for CPUs that do not support SSE

Version 1.21.2 (1-20-06)


  • - Destroyers will now render hit effects to 6km
  • - Fixed a bug where a very small percentage of shrapnel might hit an internal damage object without penetrating an external damage object under a specific set of firing conditions


  • - Players who become mission leaders on an ongoing mission will now have access to the approve contact report and place waypoint commands
  • - The orders window now displays host generated orders as well as custom orders
  • - Fixed a bug where the objective box that is drawn on map CP's was shifted down when more than one brigade was deployed at the CP
  • - Fixed a bug where heavy ews wouldn't show
  • - Fixed a bug that could cause the map to go white
  • - map zoom controls are now available in the map options panel for players ithout mouse wheel


  • - Fixed a bug where some facilities might be incorrectly listed as spawnable on capture
  • - Trucks will now be notified in chat as they enter and exit mobile spawn range
  • - Moving a brigade off-map (to the training facility) will now incur the intended 6 hour movement delay
  • - Fixed a UI related CTD


  • - Raised the minimum players to create a squad to 5


  • - Fixed a state update issue

Version 1.21.1 (12-23-05)


  • - Fixed missing bomb mount in BlenIV
  • - Fixed some turret elevation times that missed the audit


  • - adjusted flag wave speed
  • - fixed a bug where the mission create label's weren't clickable
  • - fixed a bug where the mission create target zoom button didn't zoom to the target
  • - adjusted the map bridge objective box size to better reflect the size of the bridge icon

Version 1.21.0 (12-22-05)


Placement (Moving an HQ Unit on or off the map):

  • The Off Map locations are the "Training Grounds" placed at the edges of the map near the cities of Stromness (UK), Brest (FR) and Kiel (DE).
  • HQ Units can be placed Off Map at any time [same delay penalty as a rout, however]
  • DivHQ cannot be placed from Off Map to a frontline town
  • Placing a DivHQ from Off Map will also place Off Map Brigades belonging to it
  • Brigades are automatically placed from off map at their DivHQ

===Movement:=== In order to move a HQ Unit the following rules must be met.

  • HC players can move the brigade they are in by selecting the destination on the map and typing /moveb
  • HC players can move the DivHQ of the brigade they are in by selecting the destination on the map and typing /moved
  • The destination CP Owner must be of the same side as the HQ Unit
  • The destination CP must have one or more country and branch matching military facilities (An army base for ground brigades, etc.)
  • MEach individual brigade or division may move once every 15 minutes

Additional movement rules for Army Units.

  • The destination CP must be within one link (land or water)
  • The destination CP must be shared by or adjacent to at least one *other* member of the Division UNLESS all other members of the Division are Off Map

Overrun, Fallback and Routing:

  • Players who are defending against an attack may issue the /overrun command to inform the HC of the status of the defense
  • An HC Officer in a Brigade operating in a contested town that is reporting overrun may choose to Fallback using the /fallback command
  • When the /fallback command is issued, all HQ Units in the CP will attempt to fallback
  • When the CP where an HQ Unit is located becomes controlled by the enemy, the /fallback command will be executed automatically
  • When a fallback is attempted the HQ Unit will try to move first to the CP in which it was last located
  • If it cannot move to that CP based on the movement rules above it will attempt to move to another CP preferring to move towards its Divisional units
  • If a Brigade cannot fallback it will be routed
  • Routed units are placed Off Map and can be re-placed per the above Placement rules

Mission Origins:

Players can post missions with an origin that is:

  • In the same CP as their DivHQ
  • In the same CP as their Brigade HQ

Additional Mission Origins for Army Brigades:

  • A depot in a contested CP adjacent to their Brigade HQ with a valid link (own both depots, no enemy firebase) back to their Brigade CP
  • Army bases in a CP with an Air or Naval HQ Unit

When an origin becomes invalid, all missions from that origin will be closed. Players on the mission will be able to continue on-mission until they despawn, but then must choose a new mission.

Mission OIC:

  • Mission leaders can transfer leadership of the mission to another player with the /makeleader <NAME> command
  • If a mission leader goes link dead a new mission leader will be automatically chosen based on rank and time on mission
  • If a mission leader chooses to leave the mission the mission is cancelled and all players are notified

Spawning and RTB:

Whenever a player requests to reserve a new vehicle, they do so at their current mission origin. If the player is on a mission for which the origin is no-longer valid, they will be unable to reserve a new vehicle.

If you RTB to a same-country, same-branch facility (e.g. a British Rifleman to a British Depot, a French Destroyer to a French harbor, a German BF109 to a German Airfield) then your vehicle will be reserved for you at that facility for respawning. For this to occur the facility must be open but does not require a valid supply link.

However if you cancel the reservation or allow it to expire (7 minutes) then the vehicle will be surrendered to the supply system.

Return/Supply rules:

Manual vehicle resupply is controlled by Brigade HQ and Division HQ locations. Depending where you spawn your vehicle and where you return it, the vehicle will either be supplied (delivered to the spawnlist at that location), returned (delivered back to the original spawnlist) or returned with a delay.

Rules are, in order:

Supply occurs if:

  • Vehicle is despawned at its origin CP
  • Vehicle spawned from your Brigade , despawned at your Brigade
  • Vehicle spawned from your Division , despawned at your Brigade (resupply)
  • Vehicle spawned from your Division , despawned at your Division

Returned (Sent back to origin with no delay):

  • Vehicle spawned from your Brigade, despawned at your Division

Returned with a delay:

  • Vehicle spawned from your Brigade, despawned at another Division/Brigade
  • Vehicle spawned from other than your Division/Brigade, despawned at any Division/Brigade
  • Vehicle is despawned anywhere else


  • Oversupplying is only allowed when despawning at your Brigade
  • When the last brigade is moved from a town any overstock at the town is scuttled


  • Added sniper infantry class
  • Added new Luger
  • Added new Mills Grenade
  • Tested all weapons for boresighting
  • Corrected boresight on the following:
    • Thompson
    • Boys Mk1
    • Bren
    • Mas36
    • M1935a
    • FM29
    • Mp40
    • Luger
    • PZB39


  • - Added Churchill Mk. III
  • - Changed Blen IV loadout to 500lb. bombs
  • - Increased tank tread and gun thresholds
  • - Fixed crew concussive resistance on crewman in PzIVG
  • - Fixed S35 to match historical speeds
  • - Replaced guages on C47 with Allied set
  • - Fixed gauge in Bf110C


  • - Added new sounds for infantry gear
  • - Added new infantry footstep sounds
  • - Added several new infantry weapon sounds
  • - Added new Tiger sounds. Thanks MIKE!


  • - Added new city building
  • - Added new posters to buildings
  • - Added new names to builders bridge

New CPs:


(last build actually, was missed in readme.txt)

  • - Val-de-Vesle
  • - Mourmelon
  • - Suippes
  • - Ste.Menehould
  • - Clermont-en-Argonne


  • - Hermeskeil
  • - Morbach
  • - Bernkastel-Kues
  • - Hahn (previously was airfield only)
  • - Zell
  • - Cochem
  • - Kaisersesch
  • - Ulmen
  • - Mendig (previously was airfield only)
  • - Koblenz (Bisholder AF, airfield only)
  • - Bad Sobernheim (Sobernheim AF, airfield only)


  • - Decreased font size


  • - Brigade locations are marked with a flag
  • - Added new sidebar to map with several new search, filter and info options
  • - Moved Mission Creation to the map
  • - Objectives are now marked with a red (attack) or green (defend) outline of the CP name
  • - Contended CP have an orange background
  • - Heavy ews icons are now full red, normal ews icons are now red with a black interior
  • - Facility map objects are no longer clickable if they are not visible; improves mouse targeting of cps


  • - Added /makeleader command
  • - When a mission leader unexpectedly goes offline a new mission leader is selected based on time on mission and rank
  • - When a mission origin is captured the mission is cancelled and all players on that missino are notified


  • - Cannot oversupply between ABs in the same CP
  • - Ground units cannot oversupply a non-frontline CP
  • - Can only oversupply facilities where your brigade is located

On despawning a vehicle the vehicle will remain after your reservation is expired/cancelled only if:

  • - There is capacity for the vehicle

and one of:

  • - The facility is or is supplied by where the vehicle was spawned from
  • - Vehicle was supplied by your brigade and is being despawned at your brigade
  • - Vehicle was supplied by your division and is being despawned at your brigade
  • - Vehicle was supplied by your division and is being despawned at your division


  • - Reduced initial table build time when a CP becomes frontline to 10 minutes
  • - Reduced military facility table build times when a CP becomes contested to 10 minutes
  • - Reduced table capture time to 60 seconds
  • - Reduced time it takes to achieve an RDP cycle


  • - Added new materials for material based lighting effects
  • - Fixed post render filtering to work with FSAA (need to select in driver not in Settings)
  • - Fixed an object shading issue
  • - Fixed CTD on loading with post-render filter unchecked
  • - Updated several translations
  • - Improved game server stability


  • - Removed option to select "Clear Viewport" in settings.exe