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Version 1.22.3 (3-16-06)


  • - Fixed radial clutter appearing in concentric circles


  • - Fixed looping ambient sounds
  • - Fixed smoke anomalies
  • - Fixed a cause for sounds to stop after taking non-killing damage


  • - Added audio cue when recieving private messages

Version 1.22.1 (3-3-06)


  • - Several improvments to infantry smoother


  • - Fixed missing fire sound on Pak 36
  • - Fixed turret sounds not activating and deactivating on cue
  • - Fixed an issue where all crew could loose sound when a specific crewman died
  • - Adjusted the sights in M10 and Sherman for readability in some resolutions


  • - Fixed a missing multi-texture on a forest road


  • - Fixed some texture format errors that resulted in CTD

Version 1.22.0 (2-23-06)

NOTE: Please update video drivers before playing this version of the game. Be aware that dynamic water reflections will cause performance hits on many systems, adjust the frequency of the update or turn this feature off in settings if needed.


  • - Added new infantry smoother and predictor
  • - Added new death view for fps
  • - Added new red out and blackout effects
  • - Increased deploy speed for LMG
  • - Changed color of French paratrooper uniform
  • - Changed French Commander hat
  • - Fixed several emote issues
  • - Fixed a deflection error with British RG
  • - Fixed a sighting error on rifle scopes
  • - Improved prone check to allow for easier going prone near berms and trees
  • - Improved going prone third person animation to remove a jump effect
  • - Added 60 second grace period for being killed by a destroyed building at spawn


  • - Added range finder to M10 commander
  • - Fixed LOD shift among vehicles in close range
  • - Fixed altimeter bug in Ju-52
  • - Fixed Panhard commander being deaf when hatch is open
  • - Fixed a bug in the hit model of the PzIIIH the turret had a superfluous floor
  • - Fixed a bug where positions 6 and 4 would not allow you to “cross the boat” when multi-crewed
  • - Fixed a bug where destroyers would fall through the earth when crossing boundaries
  • - Fixed several dispersion errors on older French AT guns based on historical data
  • - Fixed a bug where low LOD AT guns had too few damage objects
  • - Adjusted convergence on AA guns mounted on Destroyers to improve sighting
  • - Adjusted several lower gears for smoother acceleration from dead stop
  • - Completed turret traverse rate audit on AA guns
  • - Completed deflection audit on mg rounds for aircraft (.50cals done previously, .30s now complete, minor reduction in deflection angle)
  • - The "gear" display in readout window now only shows if your vehicle actually has gears


  • - Infantry inside a building that is destroyed will be killed
  • - Buildings (except factories and AI) can now be destroyed with friendly fire
  • - Fixed several alpha issues on factory and munitions buildings
  • - Added new city buildings
  • - Added normal map textures to buildings (see settings)
  • - Added dynamic water reflections (see settings)
  • - Updated the memorial statue


  • - Added change so that chat channels are saved, per-player, between game sessions (except private channels)
  • - Added change so that F6 is tuned by default to the help channel


  • - Added side balance info to the persona screen
  • - Added new welcome pop up to the persona screen
  • - Added opinion polling to welcome dialogue
  • - Personas for the side with imbalance may have a slight delay at selection to encourage players to play for the side that is requesting reinforcements
  • - Fixed a bug where new personas didn't at least get the rank of recruit
  • - Fixed ID cards not showing latest information
  • - Fixed a bug where the readout could show the range finder the next time you spawned if you had previously despawned in a vehicle/position that had a range finder active
  • - Fixed a bug where the persona's brigade didn't always get updated properly
  • - Fixed a spacing issue with the ready room unit reservation view and certain units with long brief texts
  • - Fixed new personas not showing rank
  • - Moved CRS MotD to the welcome pop up
  • - Enhanced list view functionality; you can now set whether a row is selectable or not
  • - Units in the mission screen spawn list are no longer selectable if the current column equals zero
  • - Units in the mission screen spawn list are now gray if the current column equals zero
  • - Added the required minimum rank level for each vehicle/unit's tool tip to the mission screen spawn list


  • - Re-formatted the map options panel; combined a few and added a header and section
  • - Increased nearest town check and feedback to 2000m from 500m
  • - cleaned up way point/contact report posting chat feedback (better feedback)
  • - cleaned up spawn/vehicle reservation messages (better feedback)
  • - Fixed a bug where center me wasn't turning off in game when you manually scrolled the map
  • - Fixed a bug that caused players icons to remain on the map after they despawned
  • - Added new map options to full map
  • - Added defaults button to map options panel; sets the map filters back to the factory
  • - Added my division map filter to options panel
  • - Mini-map now reappears in the correct state after closing the in-game map or full map dependent on the HUD cycle state

Waypoints and Contact Reports:

  • - Contact reports now show the same icons as EWS
  • - Now only tanks and scout cars use the tank friendlies icon
  • - Now trucks and AAA/AT Guns use the infantry friendlies icon


  • - Mobile spawns may no longer deploy on closed missions
  • - NCOs may now activate brigades by posting a mission


  • - Fixed an issue with ex-CO's not being able to be promoted again

Persona and Ranks:

  • - Added code that lifts side lock restriction for the "underdog" side
  • - Personas that rank up as enlisted will have their same side same branch personas receive matching rank up to rank 5

Friends list:

  • - .friend <name> now adds or deletes a player from your friends list
  • - Players will now be notified through chat when a friend logs in


  • - Optimized dbase operations
  • - Fixed a cause for invisible players
  • - Fixed a problem whereby an occupied factory would block pass-threw of the occupiers
  • - Fixed an (other) issue with single personas being side locked
  • - Added rank and rank percentage figures to persona selection results (for client fix)
  • - Fixed a memory leak in the cell host


  • - Fixed issue with brigade movement delays being reset on host restart


  • - Added callbacks during loading to help ensure connections
  • - Updated textures to new format
  • - Removed several unused or updated assets from the archives


  • - Added new keymap "change chat height" which toggles the height of the chat window
  • - Moved the "cycle icon mode" default keymap to control-I
  • - Made default keymap for "change chat height" to tab


  • - Added settings for water effects
  • - Added settings for normal maps on buildings (in beta use .normal to switch on/off)
  • - Added slider for water reflections to improve performance (this slider sets how often the reflection map is updated, set this to a higher number to improve performance)