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Version (6-9-06)


  • - Adjusted sighting on British LMG (Bren)
  • - Adjusted sighting on German SMG (MP40)
  • - Adjusted sighting on French SMG (Mas36)


  • - Fixed a display issue with firebases not appearing on the map


  • - Fixed some reported issues with new towns including some tears in the terrain
  • - Fixed statues not displaying builder plaque


  • - Added the ability for players to manually select which network to connect to the game servers
  • - Players experiencing repeated connection issues in a single session may change the connection setting from the recommended auto to *manually select the primary or secondary network
  • - Players not having connection issues should ALWAYS use auto connection testing to ensure the best connection possible


  • - Added new netcheck.bat to help support with any furter connection issues
  • - Players continuing to recieve connection issues after trying botht he primary and secondary network setting as shown above should download the latest drivers for teir system, including motherboard and network adapters and create a support ticket at

Version (6-2-06)


  • - Fixed a bug that could cause players death to be delayed
  • - Fixed a bufg that could cause players to die when spawning into a destroyed building if their lod time exceeded 60 seconds

Version (5-24-06)


  • - When a brigade gets moved, it now prints the name of the player (if any) moving the brigade
  • - If a brigade is moved by the system, the old message (sans name) is printed
  • - A new command, "/lastmoves" is now available to list the last 8 brigade moves for your country and who made them


  • - Fixed a bug that prevented the map defaults button form working


  • - Fixed a major cause for CTHL
  • - Fixed an occassional issue where strat updates were not received by the client

Version (5-19-06)


  • - Fixed a bug where HC officers giving ammo to non-HC would cause a dress down emote to occur
  • - Re-aligned the sights on the French SMG


  • - Added a fix for black out bug and lasso bug


  • - Added new con badge 2006
  • - Fixed a terrain loading CTD
  • - Addressed several issues that can lead to connection loss


  • - Added Clinton "Nomod" Hicks to ingame memorial


  • - Fixed a bug with the show clutter option where facilities didn't show correctly at all times
  • - Removed the declutter option from the main map options

Version (5-15-06)


  • - A cp must now be clicked for its facilities to show
  • - Declutter now defaults to off
  • - Declutter now only applies to non-firebase facilities of the selected cp
  • - Brigade screen back button now takes you to the brigade selection screen instead of asking you where to go
  • - Fixed a bug where auto despawn might leave the exit vehicle popup up after despawn


  • - Fixed an issue in teulKit that was causing redirects not to switch to the elected network causing all players to use cogent

Version (5-12-06)


  • - Fixed a bug where players could fall through the earth on some terrain seams


  • - Fixed a disp[lay issue where players using older ATi drivers might not correctly see trees
  • - In the future we will work to ensure that players with out of date drivers will be forced to upgrade to play, this is a requirment for moving the shader language forward


  • - Fixed a host crash that was causing some CTHL issues
  • - The update rate has been adjusted to improve some connection and lag issues suffered by players using high settings
  • - Players experiencing issues should set their vis limit (update rate) to medium to check if that resolvess the issue for them. High update rate is for very solid broadband connections only.
  • - Fixed a CTD related to multicrew

Version (5-10-06)

Side Balance:

  • - In addition to being notified of side balance at persona selection players may now receive a spawn delay based on the difference of the number of players active in the game world at spawn in
  • - When the population reaches an unacceptable imbalance the players on the over populated side will receive a time delay before they are able to spawn into the game world again
  • - This delay is dynamic and works to keep the number of players in the game world to be within an acceptable ratio
  • - This delay increases and decreases as player populations change
  • - The delay starts immediately on despawn


  • - Improved infantry predictor to help eliminate fire messages before the player is visible
  • - Upgraded animation engine to the Granny 2 standard
  • - Added new skeleton for infantry with greater articulation
  • - Added new first person animations to match new skeleton structure
  • - Added first stage of normal mapping for infantry in first and third person
  • - Added new materials support to first person
  • - Upgraded several weapon models
  • - Added normal mapping to several infantry weapons
  • - Removed British rifle grenade firing butt down while crouched
  • - Infantry no longer die when a spawn building is destroyed


  • - Increased the range for Destroyer main guns
  • - Fixed a bug where shrapnel was having no effect on Destroyers

UMS (Unmanned Mobile Spawn):

  • - Added the ability for players to select to leave a deployed mobile spawn truck in the game world upon despawn
  • - UMS will not be removed when another player tries to deploy a MS
  • - Mission leaders may remove UMS by deleting it on the map
  • - Players do not receive score for mobile spawning if the mobile spawn is unmanned
  • - UMS may not be left deployed in the world on a bridge or a ship

Smoke grenades:

  • - Smoke grenade discharge is now persistent
  • - Players should always see smoke regardless of their vis limits or spawn in time


  • - Factory bombing now affects the production of new vehicles lengthening the resupply time of equipment in the field


  • - Fixed some anomalies with coastal guns not having correct belting
  • - Updated all tree graphics
  • - Updated Armor FB to address some clipping issues
  • - Updated memorial to include Keith "Phyaball" Gibbons
  • - Updated memorial to include Myles "Ubique" Mansell
  • - Added dynamic billboards to several buildings
  • - Added new high detail town building
  • - Added several builders statues
  • - Added kms, Future and Warspite to Builders Bridge
  • - Added defensive army bases for both rear airfields (Koblenz and Sobernheim) in Germany
  • - Added the following towns:
    • Werkendam (DE)
    • Dussen (DE)
    • Huesden (DE)
    • Empel (DE)
    • Rips (DE)
    • Venray (DE)
    • Fresnes (FR)
    • Thiaucourt (FR)


  • - Added new alert sounds for private messages
  • - Added new alert sound when receiving a new orders message
  • - Added ability to launch web pages from within the game
  • - Added poll results to the persona screen
  • - Added poll web link to the persona selection page
  • - Added more feedback about population status to persona selection page
  • - Fixed an issue causing players to not receive After Action Reports upon despawn
  • - the ENTER WORLD button on the mission screen now disables for 30 seconds to prevent double clicks from registering
  • - "/own" will now give the same feedback as "/status" when an FB is targetted.


  • - Squads can now set squad night reminders on the Squad Tab
  • - Squads can now link to their homepage on the Squad Tab


  • - Added new smoke hit effects
  • - Vehicles that lose a wheel will now play a debris effect instead of an explosion effect


  • - Fixed a long standing bug where short bursts of fire might not be heard over long distance


  • - Added on/off toggle for alert sounds
  • - Removed some settings for trees
  • - Trees will now optimize vertex buffer objects based on the video cards specs


  • - Convention decals are now available in game
  • - You can set you personal decal choice in your online account settings


  • - Upgraded to new shader toolset


  • - Added new connectivity test at startup for improved connectivity
  • - Slightly increased the number of visible vehicles in "medium" vis level and decreased the bandwidth used to support them
  • - Increased the number of updates/second that high vis level players receive, (broadband only)
  • - When multicrewing, the host will give both players the lowest vis level requested by either player
  • - Improved biasing system to try to reduce blinking
  • - Added code to bias in favor of vehicles that have sent us updates since we last sent them to you
  • - Added code to force a "one time" broadcast between hosts of every vehicle periodically to avoid data loss


  • - Added new sound code (thanks AHwulf)

Special Thanks:

The Rats would like to give a special thanks to the core of volunteers that help us with translations. Thank you Sirs!

    • Francisco "cid250" Moreno Garcia
    • Iñigo "Wingmann" Zapata.
    • Dimas "ampos250" Caparrós
    • Oscar "cad1sc" Foley
    • Pierre France
    • Christian "hchris" Heinle