TOAD at War HC Manual

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T - Training

O - Operations

A - Attack

D - Defense

at WAR

TOAD at War Manual is a collection of theories and best practices that have been gathered from BE's best map movers. The game is constantly changing, new theories and new ideas come forward every week. This manual is not the final say on what works and what doesn't work, its the beginning of a conversation.


(PS. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please PM me in the forums.)

Currently under construction and reorganization

TOAD at War HC Manual - Flags

Flag Basics - Noob guide to flags (Under Construction)

Flags and Positioning - The HOW and WHY flags are moved

Breakouts and Maneuver Warfare - Advanced concepts on Breakouts and Manuvere Warfare

TOAD at War HC Manual - HC Guide

HC Introduction - Noob HC should read this first

Player Psychology - Understanding the players is the first step in getting them movtivated to accomplish great things

How to Guide - The HC commands explained (Under Construction)

Being an Effective Map OIC - Tips to improve your Map OIC game

Tips and Tricks for Being a Successful Map OIC (Under Construction)

TOAD at War HC Manual - Attacking and Winning (Currently being rewritten and reorganized)

AO Concepts - The FOUR basic elements that will decide who wins and who loses a battle

Different Types of AO Setups - TWO most commonly used AO setups,their subtypes, and keys to success

AOs - How to Plan, Attack, and WIN - Attacking is EASY, Winning is HARD (Draft)

Player Number Cycles and Planned Operations - (Under Construction)

Red Flags that your P1 AO is About to Fail and What to do About It - Knowing when to pull the AO is just as important as knowing how to set one up.

Tips and Tricks for having a Successful AO (Under Construction)