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At fr sa 37.jpg
47 mm SA mle 1937
(canon de 47 mm semi-automatique modèle 1937)
Type Medium Anti-Tank Gun
Armament 47 mm Anti-Tank Gun
Gun Elevation -13° to +16.5°
Turret Traverse 68°
Crew 2 (Commander, Gunner)
Weight 1,055kg
Tow Class Medium
47mm optics.png
Main Gun Optics
Designation L.748
Magnification x4
Field of View 10°

Firing a tungsten-core AP round, the 47 mm SA mle 37 (the “Samel 37”) was the most powerful purpose-built anti-tank gun in the world until the advent of the 7.5 cm PaK 40. It could penetrate any German armor at long range, and the Germans learned to respect it.

Game Play

While a terrific anti-tank gun, there was no HE round developed for it so it is unsuitable for fighting infantry or light targets, the terrific penetration of the AP round means this 47 mm medium AT gun will outrange, outshoot, and outclass pretty much anything except the German 8.8 cm FlaK.36 and British 6 pdr… however at moderate to short ranges it can pass entirely through a truck or even some armored cars, doing little damage. The sights are adjustable, but the dispersion can be wide – engage any German tank at 1000m or less although it’s probably wise to wait as long as possible before hitting a Tiger or a StuG, just to be sure.