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The Support Site

The primary method for receiving Customer Support is the WWII Online website which can be found here: WWII Online Support Page.

Check the FAQs

Several FAQs are on the support site and are organized by category.

Creating a Support Ticket

If the FAQs do not resolve your issue, you may submit a support ticket. To submit a ticket, Top Right is a link named "Submit a Request" click the link and then fill in the form with as much information.

Support tickets may be entered anonymously in case you cannot recall your account login information.

Account Management

Further Information: Account Management

In the Official Web site WWII Online top right is the Link "My Account" Login to this to manage your Account. Within this section you can change your Contact Info, Password, Subscription Status, Billing/Payment Plan, Payment History, Unsubscribe.

Password Resets

It is very common for players to reset their Password. There is a Password Reset function which you can use from the website: Click Here to Reset Your Password
To reset you would require your username and not your gamename. If you have forgotten your username then you would require to submit a Support Ticket. You will need some information to verify that the account is yours:

  • The Accounts Gamename.
  • The first/last name on the account.
  • The Email address on the account.

Connection To Host Lost|Connection Issues (CTHL)

A Connection To Host Lost, also known as a CTHL, occurs when your game client is unable to send or receive information to the game server. The game will hang with your ability to move being restricted, if a CTHL occurs you will be presented with a message that your connection to the host has been lost after ~40 seconds, during this ~40 seconds your game client is trying to reconnect to the game server. If you don't get the message, then the problem is not a CTHL strictly speaking.

Game Crashes

A CTD is a Crash To Desktop, or an abrupt abnormal termination of the game. You will not be presented with any messages before it happens, but rather will suddenly find the game gone and your computer desktop in front of you.

Game Performance

Here you can find the System requirements and resolving issues you may find.

Game Settings

Here you can see the detailed Game Settings pages for information on how to configure WWII Online for optimal performance.


Here you can see the types of Subscriptions for both Organic Accounts and Steam (DLC).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find Questions/Answers of the most likely topics covered when playing WWII Online.