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Training Staff

Lead Trainer:


  • Corbie
  • Macalex
  • Calwood
  • Loganblade
  • Medic911

Training Server

The Training Server is an ideal platform for testing out equipment and where you can practice and hone your battle skills, either by yourself using a 2nd account or with a friend or two.

There is no rank requirement, allowing you to spawn any unit with unlimited supply so you can respawn over and over.

There are AO/DO and it is possible to capture. There is no scoring, it would show you how many points you gained for actions in the Server, but it would not count.

In some towns AI are active for Training Purposes.

Typing .tr would list all Trainers online. Feel free to ask them any questions that you have. They are there to help.

Entering the Training Server

To login to the Training Server - Start game, agree to the Terms of Service, input Password, click “Login”, usually you would select Campaign and click “Play” but instead select Training and click “Play”.

To login to the Training Server from Steam – click Play WWII Online, click anywhere to exit Terms of Service, usually you would click “Join the Battle” but instead click bottom left “Training Server”.

Scheduled Training

You can find the Scheduled Training advertised in Discord or the Forums, as well as the MOTD in the Training Server.

Upon entry, you will need to contact the Trainer specified in the system message in order to get Training. He will then direct you to a mission.

If the scheduled Training does not interest you, you can still use the Training Server in an open format however please do not interfere with the training at hand.

Training Server Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines while in the Training Server. If you do not follow these guidelines, you may be asked to leave or in extreme cases kicked from the Server.

  • Be courteous to other players and Trainers and always ask before participating in their activities.
  • Do not shoot at other players without asking first.
  • Always follow the Trainers instructions when participating in a Lesson.
  • Adhere to the Playnet Terms of Service.
  • Be aware that the Trainers do not represent CRS’s Technical or Customer Support.
  • The mainland of the Training Server is open for all to use. Contact a Trainer if you have specific needs.

Recommended Reading

Before you enter the training arena, it is highly recommended that you get some basic understanding of the interface and game world. To do this follow the link below, in particular Missions/Mobile Spawn/Chat/Keymapper. This will help you navigate the menues and communicate with other Players and Trainers.

Player Guides