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WWII Online Uses Discord for information and Voice. More details can be found: https://www.wwiionline.com/resources#voice-comms

If you already have discord, our server is: https://discord.gg/wwiionline

Download and Installation

Download the app: https://discordapp.com

Once downloaded, launch and install Discord. Enter the server address.

If you have not registered with discord yet, enter your callsign.

or if you already have an account enter your username and password.

In the main window will be links to useful game related content.
At the bottom of the window you will be able to pick a side (allied/axis) to start using that sides discord. NOTE: Sides are separated from each other, and while it is possible to switch between them, there is a time lag.


On the bottom left side you find the Cog icon for the settings:


click on it to setup Discord.

Voice & Video: Here you can setup your Input/Output devices and the Push to Talk (PTT)


In Notifications: It'S recommended to turn TEXT-TO-SPEECH to Never


Settings II Keybinds: you can add other buttons

e.g. 2nd Push-To-Talk or Deafen

I would add “Toggle Deafen” to have the

possibility to mute the chat (e.g. capping).


Registered Games: Here you can control if Discord Members can see what you are playing and also turn on the Overlay


Game Overlay: Here you can find the Settings for the Overlay