Higgins Boat

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Higgins Boat (LCVP)
Type Landing Craft
Armament x2 .30 cal M1919 LMGs
Crew 4 total (Position: Role)
1: Helmsman
2: Commander
3: LMG Gunner
4: LMG Gunner
Weight 8.2 tons
Top Speed 12 knots

This unique craft is available through the Naval persona and is available only at Deep Water Naval Ports.


Game Play

The LCVP can transport and disembark infantry ONLY at this time. In addition, the LCVP can set a light mobile spawn on flat or low-inclined beach areas. The mobile spawn rules are the same as if it were a truck or half-track, a linked front-line town, and within 3km of the front-line enemy target objective.

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