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Integrated Voice Communications Guide | Version 1.0 | 4 DEC 2022 | Created by XOOM


Integrated Voice Communications (or I.V.C. for short) is WWII Online's implementation of voice comms made directly available within the WW2 game client. This means no third-party service is required to speak to other players directly within WWII Online.

This revolutionary implementation changes the way the game is played by bringing players together like never before.


IVC will have two primary channel types:

  1. Radio
  2. Local 3D (Proximity) Chat

The radio has no range limitations and you can speak to anyone across the game world when on the same channel. Several radio channels will be available, as articulated below.

Local 3D (proximity) chat means "you can hear and transmit to" any friendly player within 100 meters of you while playing as a ground-based or sea-based unit. Proximity chat is not available for Air Forces, they will use the radio only. Local 3D chat will be activated automatically when spawned in (as a ground unit) and will be attenuated to give you an idea of the direction and distance of a friendly player.

Radio Channels

These channels have no range limitations, and only one channel can be monitored or transmitted to at a single time, based on availability.

LOBBY Persona Screen (Global/All)
SIDE Axis or Allied (Theatre Screen)
MISSION Mission (Screen/Spawned-In)
SQUAD Squad Only (Anywhere)

IVC Channel Icons

These are current and future planned radio channels to be added. These icons were designed to match in-game text channels.



These keys may be changed at anytime to your desire in the keymapper. Load up the game client (we recommend loading online as it will connect to the IVC server) and go to: Preferences > General > Ingame (Reference Function Name) > Change key > Save changes. Always be sure to then test your changes.

Radio Transmit (PTT) Use Primary Radio V
Local 3D Chat 3D Positional Chat Left Shift + V
Cycle Primary Radio Change Radio Channel Left Control + TAB
IVC Toggle Key Mute/Unmute All Radios Left Shift + \

Muting Channels & Players

WWII Online players will have full control to listen to any channel they prefer - or not. To modify your settings, navigate to: Preferences > Sound > Integrated Voice Communications.

From this menu, you may enable or disable any channel by clicking the "check" box accordingly.

Enable or Disable preferred IVC channels.


Players will have full control to mute other players they'd prefer not to hear by leveraging our existing "ignore" system.

To ignore a user, simply type the following:

  • .ignore <playername>
  • Example usage: .ignore fpa55
  • Successful ignore will show: "Player fpa55 added to ignore list."

To remove a user, simply enter the command again by typing: .ignore <playername>

  • Example usage: .ignore fpa55
  • Successful ignore removal will show: "Player fpa55 removed from your ignore list."

Interface Windows

There are several areas where IVC users will be displayed when you or other users are speaking.

User Interface when not spawned in, across all screens. Other users may also be shown here when communicating.


Mission Tab in the user interface and when map screen is open while being spawned in.


Squad Tab (only when speaking/listening on Squad radio).


Local 3D Chat (HUD Icon) - when users are within 100m of you, this will show.


IVC Hudbox (while spawned-in)


IVC Hud Box (Settings) You can modify the transparency of your in-game IVC HUD box window by going to: Preferences > User Interface > Heads Up Display (HUD) > HUD Windows > IVC Box. Slide the bar to "MORE" for increased transparency, and slide to "LESS" so it is darker (less transparent). Don't forget to save your settings once you're done.


You can also disable the IVC HUD window in the same menu.


Testing Your Hardware

Check to make sure your microphone and headphones/speakers are working by going to: Preferences > Sound > IVC, and click the green "TEST" button as seen below. If your mic/speakers are working correctly you will be able to hear yourself.

Click "TEST" again to turn off. Don't forget to save your settings once you verify everything is working.


Common issues

Be sure to use your default devices, and be aware of any bluetooth headsets, or third-party software to control volume, etc. These are known to cause issues and we recommend using system defaults and removing as many obstacles that could cause issues on your end.

Remember, use the local test function to help troubleshoot and diagnose any problems. If you can't hear yourself - NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU.

For assistance with troubleshooting, please connect with a fellow community member first then post in the forums for help, located here: https://forums.wwiionline.com/forum/31-testing-and-bug-reporting/