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The Keymapper is a powerful function in WWII Online, you can map practically any key, axis movement, mouse function, or slider to a key command. You can map keys to axis of movement in the game. You can also use a generic XML editor to map the game commands outside of the game.

You can access the Keymapper from anywhere in the game, both in the UI and when in the game world as well. Either way you access it, the functionality is the same. The Keymapper is arranged under two tabs, “Keymapper” and “Sensitivity”.

No Joystick Option

Control schemes for both mouse and keyboard play are available to the game so that a joystick is not required for control of vehicles (but it is still strongly recommended for aircraft). These control schemes are detailed below.

Default Keymaps

These PDFs are searchable, use Ctrl+f to open the find menu




Anti-Tank & Anti-Air

Tanks & Armored Cars

Trucks & Haulers

Fighters & Bombers

Ships & Boats


Creating and editing keyboard and axis bindings happens here. Select a category, then a function from the Keymap Categories pane then create or edit the binding in the Modify pane. Binding is as simple as selecting the Primary or Secondary Keymap that corresponds to the function you are binding, double click and enter the key or axis to bind to. Its that simple. You can also bind multiple key presses or axis to a single function.

  • Keymapper Controls: There are five buttons along the bottom of the Keymapper that allow you to manage your bindings and categories very simply.
  • Default Category: This button returns the selected Category to its default bindings. Use this button when wishing to “start from scratch” or reclaim the defaults for any reason.
  • Default Keymap: This button returns the selected keymap to its default binding. Use this button if you want to return a single keymap to its original binding.
  • Restore Category: This button will return the current selected category to your last save. Use this button if you are editing keymaps within a custom category (already edited) and want to return the entire category to your last save.

Clear Keymap

This button will clear any primary or secondary binding that is selected. Use this button to clear the specific binding.

Save Changes

This button will apply all your changes so far. Note that you can still set any binding or category back to its defaults even after you save if needed.

When you save a changed keymap, this will be stored at

  • C:\Users\<username>\My Documents\WWIIOnline\cfml [Windows]
  • <users>\Documents\WWIIOnline\cfml [Mac]

Note for Windows: The My Documents folder under Windows OS can be relocated, so the exact location may not be as indicated. However the available "My Documents" shortcut will always point to where ever it is located.

Advance Keymapper Tutorial

Advance Keymapper Tutorial