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Types of Mobile Spawn

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A Mobile Spawn is used as a platform for Infantry and some guns to spawn from, the idea is to use these to get closer to a target other than the FB.

Fortified Mobile Spawn Light Mobile Spawn Trench Mobile Spawn
FMS.jpg LMS.jpg Trench.jpg
HC Mobile Spawn LCVP Mobile Spawn
HC Mobile Spawn.jpg LCVP FMS.png


What types of Mobile Spawn are there?

  • There are different types- Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS), Light Mobile Spawns (LMS), Trench Mobile Spawn (TMS) and the new HC Mobile Spawn (HCMS). All have different rules on destruction and placement.

What are the rules for placing High Command Mobile Spawn (HCMSP)?

  • HC Officer Class can place (HC Officer / Lt Colonel has access)
  • Can spawn Infantryman only.
  • Must be 600m away from an Enemy Facility
  • Cannot be deployed inside buildings or against certain objects
  • Can resupply any ground unit
  • Designed to help HC Officers have a continued role in keeping game play rolling / players logged in
  • Same damage threshold as the Light Mobile Spawn
  • Designed to be different from Light Mobile Spawn (has an Ammo Box and Antenna)
  • Can be used for beach invasions or swimming across water

What are the rules for placing Mobile Spawns?

  • Only Trucks can create Mobile Spawns. Albeit the new HC MSP
  • Mission needs to have the right target to place it at further ranges.

If I am killed does the Mobile Spawn disappear?

  • No, they disappear if the enemy destroy it. if you manually delete it yourself or you are the only one in the mission and you leave it, the mission along with the Mobile Spawn will be deleted.

Are there any rules for deploying them in town?

  • No rules, you can place them where you want if they are far enough from the next enemy depot/AB.

Setting a Mobile Spawn

Trucks can only create the LMS and Trench. APC can create all of them. Supply Trucks can create Ammo Cache, Mobile AF, Mobile Airfield Tents and Barrage Balloons.

  • FMS cannot be deployed closer than 300m of any enemy-owned facility.
  • LMS cannot be deployed closer than 250m of any enemy-owned facility.
APC / Truck
APC Spawn Truck Spawn
Mobile Spawns 1.jpg Mobile Spawns 2.jpg

Destroying FMS

The Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS) and Trench require 4x HE Satchels to destroy The Light Mobile Spawn (LMS) can be taken down with a Grenade, HE Satchel, HE Shell/Round. The new Higgins Boat (LCVP) placed Mobile Spawn requires 2x HE Satchels to destroy.

Deleting Mobile Spawns

Mission Leaders can delete their own Mobile Spawns. Select Map, right click on MSPAWN, Delete, MSPAWN. You do not get a warning or yes/no option and others on your mission are not alerted.