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PaK. 38L60 (PanzerabwehrKanone)
Type Medium Anti-Tank Gun
Armament 50 mm Anti-Tank Gun
Gun Elevation -8° to +27
Turret Traverse 65°
Crew 2 (Commander, Gunner)
Weight 1,062kg
Tow Class Medium
Main Gun Optics
Designation  ?
Magnification  ?
Field of View  ?

Fortunately the development of ever-thicker armor had been foreseen by German gun developers and the PaK.38 was already nearly finished when the inadequacies of the PaK.36 became apparent.

Game Play

It was an outstanding gun … small, low-profile, easy to handle (despite it being rather heavy for its caliber) and incorporating a number of innovative design features. The PaK.38 is a significant step up from the PaK.36, but still not enough to engage all enemy armor with confidence from all aspects. Some of them require the venerable FlaK.36 if an all out guarantee is desired! It’s again a very accurate gun, and this allows you to aim at very small vulnerable features from ranges as long as 750m+.