QF 2 Pdr

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At uk qf 2pdr.jpg
Royal Ordnance Quick-Firing 2 pdr
Type Light Anti-Tank Gun
Armament 40 mm Anti-Tank Gun
Gun Elevation  ?
Turret Traverse  ?
Crew 2 (Commander, Gunner)
Weight 838kg
Tow Class Light
Main Gun Optics
Designation  ?
Magnification  ?
Field of View  ?

Originally this was an AT gun mount selected for economy and expediency, and the QF 2pdr. very quickly became one of the war’s best light AT guns, firing 2 lbs. of AP shot at a good muzzle velocity.

Game Play

The QF 2 pdr. is an outstanding gun and has an exceptionally flat trajectory making it easy to score well out past 500m. The lack of high-magnification sights and range adjustment are its only shortcomings. The gunshield and the green color help increase concealment and the 360-degree traverse makes a single ambush position much more flxible. Engage all but the heaviest German tanks at 500m or so, but beware that they probably have better sighting optics than you do so if you allow them the opportunity to return fire, it will be deadly. Place yourself particularly in cover where your silhouette will not be obvious.