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1.34.16 (25 Jan 16)

Player Placed Objects (PPO’s)

- FRU’s may now be deployed by the Morris & Halftrack.

- FRU’s now allowed on bridge missions.

- FRU boxes are painted green and flags are worn / darker.

- Gun emplacement lifetime is now 30 minutes (which is reset by character entering object).

Art / Weapons

- Better aiming / first person view for: Grease Gun, Sten Gun and Mas40.

- Fixed an animation issue with Grease Gun reload.

- Fixed an animation issue with MP34 while crawling.

- Recoil reduced slightly on Grease Gun.

Other Fixes

- Bedford blackout bug resolved.

- EWS range for trucks and guns lowered to 1500 meters.

- Fixed some discrepancies with infantry stamina.

- Increased resolution of rank icons.

- Minor UI / text updates.

1.34.14/15 (24 Dec 15)

Major Game Play Change

Only trucks are able to deploy mobile spawns. CRS will be monitoring how this affects the battlefield and consider this a live test. Logistics and teamwork will be required to create a more immersive game play experience.

New Infantry Weapons

- British Sten Gun MK II (SMG).

- US & French M3A1 Grease Gun (SMG).

- German MP34 (SMG).

- German Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (FG42).

NOTE: New SMG’s are available to all premium, starter and free play users. F2P will use a limited version as outlined below.

Sapper Returns to WWII Online!

We’re excited to announce that the Sapper is making its way back into the game! The Engineer will remain as you know it. The Sapper will serve in both an anti-tank and a demolition role.

Sapper Loadout:

- Pistol (primary)

- x2 HEAT Satchels.

- x2 High Explosive Satchels.

- x2 Smoke Grenades.

- x2 Fragmentation Grenades.

NOTE: ATR’s no longer have a HEAT satchel and has been returned to a long range engagement platform against light vehicles and personnel.

F2P able to rank to "PRIVATE FIRST CLASS."

Earning rank is a major accomplishment for every player, for that reason and the new limited smg (shown below) we'll be allowing all free players earn the rank of, "Private First Class."

New “Limited” SMG Class for F2P

This update includes a new limited SMG class specifically for free to play users. It has limited ammunition and equipment. Each country will have their own (limited smg).

This class will be available to free to play users only, marking the very first step towards creating a more welcome environment for free players, intended to increase total game population. Rank required to access the limited submachine gun will be "Private First Class."

Limited SMG Loadout:

- Primary with 4 magazines.

- x1 Fragmentation grenade.

FG42 Para in Air & Ground Brigades

The new FG42 will be available for German Paratrooper brigades between Tier 1 and 2. Upon Tier 3, the FG42 unit will be available in limited number only in German ground brigades (parachute detached) for the duration of each campaign.

Indiegogo Decals Delivered

- 4Wing.

- Allied Expeditionary Force (AEF).

- Lancers.

- Blitzkader.

- Decal for all funders.

If you qualify please contact to receive.

Fixes & Improvements

- Mac client patching for future updates.

- Multicrew disabled pending fix (1.35).

- New textures on vehicles not showing.

- CTD on keymapper.

- Map marking / waypoint custom text.

- Engineer class manual.

- Best Performance setting disables radial clutter on the PC client.

- Updated credits.

- Updated english upsell messaging.

- Copyright date updated.

1.34.14 (23 Nov 15)


- Fixed M1 Garand using old model.

- Adjusted animations: MAS40 and Gewehr 41.

- Updated credits.

1.34.12 (12 Oct 15)

NEW Infantry Weapons

- French: Fusil Semi-Automatique MAS mle. 1940.

- German: Gewehr 41 (Walther version).

- British: Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I bolt cycle speed doubled.

Game Play Feature

No man’s land attack objective

- This allows for AO’s to be placed on empty enemy towns that are directly linked with any flag. Includes all branches and flag types. Available during all AO counts (1,2,3+).

Boat Speed Increases

- Troop Transport speed increased from 15 to 20 knots.

- Fairmile Riverine speed increased from 20 to 25 knots.

- Destroyer speed increased from 35 to 40 knots.

User Interface

- Mac has a new launcher screen.

- Added new text and image info for new weapons.

- All boat speeds show new changes.


- Updated DirectX Redistributables that are included with the installer.

- 25mm AAA is now properly labeled.

- M1 Garand bullet casing ejection fixed.

- Gewehr 43 bullet casing ejection fixed.

1.34.11 (5 Sep 15)


- Added Active Battles Tab (ABT): When first entering the game, players will be presented with a list of the most active missions on their side. The old brigade selection screen is still available for more advanced players.

- Updated Fallen Soldiers list: George "GeorgeH" H, Karen "Frank35" Sylte, Patrick "Icux" Carns, Ivan "Johan250" Telleria, Carl "Howie622" Howarth, Mike "RailRD" Perrier, Dalte "Stelgard" Hopkinson, James "Carolina" Simpson.


- FB spawn buildings' now require 2.5x more damage to destroy.


- All snipers now have a pistol as a secondary weapon with two magazines.

- Tiger's turret traverse speed increased by 50%.

- Updated vehicle textures: 38T, S35, Panhard, Vickers, Crusader MK II & MK III

- Updated gun textures: Pak38

- Updated aircraft textures: BF-110C, Hurricane MK II C, P39, Stuka

US Equipment

- US Stuart added to the game.

- Adopted Boys ATR & M37 Mortar.

- Adopted Vickers & Daimler armored vehicles.

- Adopted Hotchkiss 25mm AAA.

- Adopted Bedford & Morris trucks.

- Laffly removed.


- Added new lobby music for Allies & Axis.

- New images added for non-paratroop infantry classes.

- Images for German vehicles updated.

- Added several new spawn-in screen tips.

- Updated in-game text to accurately reflect current Starter Account privileges.

- Updated credits & copyright date.

- Squad funders added to credits: 4Wing, Lancers, AEF and BlitzKader.


- [MAC] Fixed issue where keymapper would treat Joystick fire button as the Escape key.


HE Rounds Data Audit:

The beta team under the direction of Scotsman has been working on improving the fidelity of our shrapnel model. Since computers have advanced so much since we first wrote this data we can now afford to calculate more realistic numbers of shrapnel pieces. Consequently, all HE rounds have had their explosive and shrapnel models adjusted. Once again our sincerest thanks for the time and dedication the crew ahas put in to make our game better for everyone. Thank you.

Vehicles (Tank / Truck / Anti-Tank Gun):

- Adjusted truck windscreen thickness so they all function the same

- Fixed a bug where the Tiger gunner had bionic ears

- New camo pattern for Panzer VI E Tiger

- New camo pattern for Panzer IV G

- New camo pattern for Pak40 ATG

- New camo pattern for Pak36 ATG

- Updated art for Opel Blitz truck

- Updated art for 6 pounder ATG

- Updated art for 17 pounder ATG

- Updated art for M1A2 M5 ATG

- Updated art for vehicle commanders and some crew


The beta team under the direction of BLOO has been doing research on improving the gunsights in many of our vehicles. The first part of that work is complete and ready for testing. Our sincerest gratitude for the devotion these players have to making our game better. Thank you.

- Daimler Mk.I Main gun

- A13 Mk. II Main gun

- A15 Mk. II Main gun

- A15 MK. III Main gun

- Churchill Mk. III Main gun

- Churchill MK. VII Main gun

- Matilda II Main gun

- 6pdr ATG

- Panhard 178 Main gun

- R35 Main gun

- H39 Main gun

- S35 Main gun

- B1 bis Main gun

- B1 bis Hull gun

- M4A2 Sherman Main gun

- M4A3(76) Sherman Main gun

- M10 Tank Destroyer Main gun

- M1 57mm ATG

- M5A2 76mm ATG

- Stu.G. III Ausf. B Main gun

- Stu.G. III Ausf. G Main gun


- Paratrooper turn rate increased to old school values

- Revised Infantry Unit names in the spawn lists to emphasize the weapon name

- Increased ATP burn rate for heavy weapon infantry units

- PIAT has some new arts

- Increased knife damage

Infantry Uniforms:

- Updated art for British infantry uniform

- Updated art for German infantry uniform

- Updated art for French infantry uniform

- Updated art for German Fallschirmjäger uniform

- Updated hand arts for all infantry

Lightmachine Guns:

- Updated art for Maschinengewehr 34

- Updated weapon audio for Maschinengewehr 34

- Updated art for Bren Mk II

- Updated art for Fusil Mitrailleur 29

Submachine Guns:

- Updated art for Thompson

- Updated art for Thompson 1928

- Updated weapon audio for Thompson

- Updated art for Mas 38

- Updated art for Maschinenpistole 40


- Updated art for Luger pistole 08 9mm

- Updated weapon audio for Luger pistole 08 9mm

- Updated art for Webley .455 revolver

- Updated art for Pistolet Automatique mle 1935A

Grenades / Knives / Equipment:

- Updated art for German StiG 24 hand grenade HE

- Updated art for French hand grenade HE

- Updated art for British No.36 mills bomb hand grenade

- Updated art for German NbHgn 39 smoke grenade

- Updated art for British No.77 Mk I smoke grenade

- Updated art for French fumigene smoke grenade

- Updated art for Allied satchels

- Updated art for German satchel

- Updated art for Allied knife

- Updated art for German knife

Rifles / Anti-Tank Rifles:

- Updated weapon audio for Lebel 1886/M93 (both variants)

- Updated art for UK & FR Boyes Mk I

- Updated art for Panzerbüchse 39


- Updated art for British SBML 2 inch mortar

- Updated weapon audio for British SBML 2inch mortar

- Updated art for French mortar

- Updated weapon audio for French mortar

- Updated art for German Granatwerfer 36 mortar

- Updated weapon audio for Granatwerfer 36 mortar


- Environmental lighting has been updated

- Fixed a floating forrest corner


- Added new game loading screens

- Added new user interface screens

- Added new upsell messages for all supported languages

- Updated several vehicle manuals

- Updated in-game credits for all supported languages

- US guns and trucks now have alert distances that match other countries (3000m)

- FRU threshold reduced so that some weapons that were inconsistant in damaging it now cross the threshold more regularly

- The "4Gig Fix" is now included in the release (cheers for less crashing!)

- Updated desktop icon art

- Updated PlayGATE art

- Updated installer art